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Places to go, things to do, people to meet:

First of all, if you are interested in the rally game---whether it's American TSD, home-town "Friday Nighters," marathons, or the World Rally Championship, you might want to subscribe to the Rally List, yes? Not enough incoming e-mail lately? Try the Worldwide Rally List.

Rallysport Calendar! Eight full-color, high-quality, action photos of North American rally cars by professional photographer John Wynn. Carl Merrill's Ford Escort Cosworth, Frank Sprongl's Audi Quattro, Sam Bryan's Saab 900 Turbo, Tim O'Neil's VW Golf Rallye, Paul Choiniere's Hyundai Elantra, Rick Davis's BMW 2002, Jon Woodner's Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, and Bruno Kreibich's Audi Quattro: cool! 11"x17" format, complete with SCCA National and CARS events for 1997! Quantities limited: Order for $19.95 through Rallysport, Inc. at (800) 935-0761. (This was posted in 1997, but it may still be good...)



Events you want to know about:

The Thunderbird Rally is an absolute must for those who love slingin' snow and ice for two days in lower British Columbia. . . http://www.wimsey.com/~paulw/tbird.html gets you directly to the Thunderbird site, including brief paragraphs regarding previous years which even make mention of the noble, heroic (if incredibly modest) drivers and navigators who won them. . . another useful link goes to the BC Rally Page itself: http://www.wimsey.com/~paulw

MBCU is a group of contrary rallymasters who meet every now and then to get into fistfights over the use of Aristotle. . . if this makes no sense at all to you, be happily advised that MBCU was formed to promulgate all sorts of rallies, from marathons like The Lost Patrol to complex trippy-trappy Friday-nighters to some very straight- forward stuff for those of us who think civilization went too far when they invented asphalt. The best of these events may be an overnight gravel rally that winds from Portland, Oregon, down to the ocean---all without touching any more pavement than absolutely necessary. If this sounds like your cup of gravel, check out The Road Not Taken, produced by the Twisty Roads Rally group.

Useful links for the Rally Addicted, especially if you plan to enter an event (or plan to put one on):

Clint Goss' Rally Page Another guy who literally "wrote the book." This time it's the Road Rally Handbook: absolutely indispensible for the novice! (Great links from here as well!)

Want to see the latest version of the MBCU General Instructions? (These were first compiled and organized by Monte Saager, aka Mr. Rally---he has his own rally page!---and codified for the Cascade Sports Car Club in Portland, Oregon. Because they were lovingly and logically assembled to form the matrix of many a rally trap, and will fit most any kind of rally, we at MBCU have adopted them as our own. Incidentally, after the rules themselves you'll find another set, this time with paragraphs added to explain how each rule can be used to snare the unwary.) (Well, no you won't; it hasn't been posted yet!)

We mentioned Mr. Rally, the Trap King. . . Monte knows lots of stuff about computers and web sites, too (which figures). Not only can you find his newletter and Nortwest rally information by following this link, he even has downloadable rally scoring programs on this site!

Here are some other rally-related sites you may wish to visit:

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