Credit where credit is due:

One problem with the Age of Information Overload is that only a small band of geeks with tape on their hornrims really knows how to do the Nifty New Stuff with any kind of efficiency. They are eager to share their skills and enthusiasm; the problem is that their communication skills are, um. . . well, Bill Gates is their role model, after all.

Anyway, it has now been proven that just about anybody can put together a Web page---this one is certainly proof!---but I must say it could have been a lot easier if I had bought a book. The first great tool was the load-in for MS Word, the Internet Assistant: It allows you to just write like a human bean, and the HTML codes fall in place as if by magic.

Or so they say. Actually, the assembly of these pages and these links---after a while you start THINKING in terms of the damn things---was made possible through the use of Navigator 3.0 Gold and a whole bunch of late nights spent cruising and snipping. The discovery of animated GIF files was a distraction on the order of Doom II, which I blame for my failure to write the Great American Novel. I am grateful to the artists who allow us to play with their creations in return for a simple thank you and a link to their lairs; some of the coolest ones came from the animated sub-section of Caboodles of ClipArt, where we found the bats. (What?! I forgot to use the BATS?! But the bats are WAY COOL!)

The Webmaster Way-cool animated GIFs, arranged alphabetically

A page of incredible links! The Webmaster spins out from Malta....

Specular These guys build buttons 'n' stuff. We be visual, babes.

Network page-building goodies This is Netscape's specialty. But His Royal Billness is catching up:
we'll link you up to some cool GIF animation sites in a week or so. If you want to get started in this incredible waste of time---aren't I supposed to be building RACING MOTORS?!---take a look at Microsoft's Site-builder site to find some useful Web tools. They also have some free stuff in their Web Gallery that's pretty cool.

. . . like every other page (and most of my life, this one is still under construction. . .

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