Kick Wax

    Kick wax is quick and easy. Rewaxing takes less time than rebooting your computor, but you have to pay attention to the snow. Only one ski technique requires kickwax, so if you don't want to use it, either don't use classic stride or use waxless skis.

Glide Wax

    You need glide wax, even if you have "waxless" skis, although you can try to avoid waxing.

Wipe on Wax
  • Maxi-glide, Swix F4, and Hertel Hotsauce are some types.
  • How to apply--wipe on, buff, allow to dry.
  • Time to apply--2 minutes
  • Reapply--3km-5 km ( 2mi-3mi) or, if you are riding a chairlift every run.
  • Worthwhile if you are not skiing far or often.
Hot wax
  • How to apply --heat the wax in with an electric iron, then scrap off the extra.
  • Time to apply--1/2 hour.
  • Reapply--15km-30km (10mi-20mi). Your skis will be faster if you hot wax after every time you ski.
High Zoot Waxing
  • How to apply--Use multiple coats of wax, ironing, scrapping, and buffing each layer.
  • Time to apply--20 minutes per layer. I loose patience after three layers, but spending 8 hours is not uncommon among racers.
  • Reapply-- The wax still wears off at about 40km.

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