Advice From the Snow Queen:

Tips for Nordic Skiing
About the Author
Tips for the Beginner
  • What to do the first time you are on skis.
  • What type of equipment to use the first time.
  • Putting glide wax on your skis.
  • How to use kick wax.
  • Waxing with minimal equipment and time.
How to Avoid Waxing
  • You can't avoid it completely but you sure can try.
  • Alternatives to waxing. Both practical and goofy.


Types of Equipment
  • Deciding how you want to go up hill.
  • Skis to match your personality
How to use the Wrong Equipment
Ski Technique
  • Striding,skateing, turning, stopping, going up and down hill.
  • Wonderful stuff to do on the snow.