Tips for the Beginner
Get yourself some skiies, boots and poles that fit
Rent some waxless skis and the boots and poles to go with them. Get the sales person to show you how the boots fit into the bindings.

You could borrow equipment, but often borrowed equipment doesn't fit.

You could buy equipment, but you don't know exactly what equipment you will want.
     I suggest that you rent the skis for several days.

Pick the right day to do it.

Not a Sunny day
Many people try skiing the first time a sunny day when the snow is old. because old snow is often fast, hard, and unforgiving they fall alot and it hurts.
    A Snowy Day
    You will want cold and new snow. The snow during or the day after a snow storm is more forgiving. 

Pick the

right place to go skiing

Absolutley flat with good snow cover. Later you will ski hills but not now. A park, a snowy soccer field, or even a back yard is fine.

Wear the right clothing

  • Avoid cotton especially jeans and cotton socks
  • Dress in layers. You will probable be to hot and will have to take clothing off.
  • Use clothing that you already have. Running or biking tights over long underwear work fine. nylon or polyester sweat pants over long underwear also work. Any wool pants are good. If you must wear cotton pants then put rain or wind pants over them.
  • Make sure you have these items
    • long underwear
    • a hat
    • gloves or mittens.

If you are trying to impress someone leave them at home

Don't let your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, or mother-in-law teach you to ski.

Get out and ski around

Don't worry about skiing correctly
Get a feel for the skis and the snow. You now have big feet and can slide around. Pretend your a kid with homemade stilts .
Don't ski for very long. Maybe only a half hour. Definately no more than 2 hours.

Take a hot bath and drink a mug of hot chocolate

Now you are ready for you second time on skis. You might consider taking a lesson next .

 Before you head out check out my advice on falling and getting back up.