Lizzie Newell

I've been teaching beginning cross-country-skiing for about five years, coaching the Anchorage-Muni-masters-novice ski program for three years, and selling skis and bikes at the REI store in Anchorage for about 9 years. I like to give people advice on skiing. I also like to draw pictures. I have a BFA in sculpture and have spent entirely to much time in figure drawing classes.

I do all kinds of skiing. My favorite type is classic in-track cross-country, or maybe skate skiing. I do one or the other almost every day in the winter. Occasionally I go to an alpine-ski-area to alpine ski, telemark or snowboard, but I have a hard time deciding which. Often I load my car with all three types of equipment and decide when I get there. I'm a good alpine skiier, a mediocre telemark skiier, and a lousy snowboarder. Once or twice a winter I go backcountry skiing. I've never randonee skiied and I don't jump. I think ski-joring is a great idea but our dog doesn't. He is only 20 lbs, a little to small for the activity.

My project for the summer is inline skating. I have been trying to figure out how it differs from skiing. I have enjoyed it so much that I might take up ice-skating.

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