Ways to Avoid Waxing

Use Waxless Skis

To keep from slipping backwards waxless skis have a pattern cut into the bottom hat allows them to slide forward more easily than backwards. Unfortunately Waxless Skis have been mis-named , although they don't need kick wax they do need glide wax to slide easily. If you don't want to wax at all, buy skis with an extruded not a sintered base. Extruded bases don't absorb wax well and also don't absorb as much dirt.


  • Waxless skis are slow especially in cold weather which means you have to work hard to make them slide.


  • No kick wax to figure out. They work best when the snow is around 32 o F (0oC)
  • Great for toddlers. What parent wants to wax multiple pairs of skis along with finding mittens, getting kids in snow suits, and loading kids into and out of child carrier seats.
  • Great for groups of people in the back country. Who wants to stop every few minutes as yet another group member changes there wax?


Skate skis like waxless skis don't need kick wax . Skate skiing uses momentem and the side of the ski to keep from slipping backwards. However they do seem to wear off glide wax quickly.


  • Skate technique can only be used on packed snow at a running pace.
  • Equipment costs more than a waxless setup.
  • You need good balance.


  • If you count both the time spent going up and going down, It's possibly the fastest way to travel on snow without a motor. (Biking and dog power is sometimes but not always faster)

Use Skins

To go uphill you can glue a strip of fabric to the bottom of your ski which basically turns it into a snowshoe. The skins can be taken off at the top of the hill befor you ski down..


  • Skins cost about $80-$100 per pair.
  • They take time while you ski to take on and off, so they are the most useful for long steep uphills followed by long downhills. they are not useful for rolling terrain.


  • Allows you to go straight up very steep hills .

Get your dog to pull you (Ski Joring)

Make sure you use a pulling harness not the dog's collar.


You need a well behaved dog(s) who likes to pull .

Dogs aren't allowed on many ski trails.


Gets your dog out for some exercise.

Sometimes the fastest way to travel without a motor on snow.

Get Ride up Hill

You can get a ride up the hill on a chairlife, a car, a helicopter, a snow cat or a snow machine. You can use nordic(cross country) skis at an alpine ski area if you pay for a lift ticket and use ski leashes.


The ride either costs money or you have to shuttle cars or other motor vehicals.

You don't get as much exercise.


You can spend more time going downhill.

You don't have to be in as good of physical condition.

Skiing in Cold Temperatures

If you ski in below zero temperature you will find you get plenty of traction without kick wax.


  • It's not always that cold where you ski.
  • It's cold. watch out for frost bite.


  • It's a good way to get out side for some exercise when it's cold.
  • If it's cold and you want to ski you don't have much choice.

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