Hair Colouring





1. Try a simple sharpie marker. You will be limited to red green blue and black but I have found for the novice and persons not wanting to re thread it works fine. Just be sure to coat both sides of the hair to get and even colouring.

2. RIT DYE . these work great and a little goes a long way. Get doll hair from your local craft store and dye it to the colour you choose. then use the re threading techniques to give your pony a whole new look.

3. Scalp another less worthy pony.....<evil laugh> The tails of other less fortunate ponies work well to change to a new hue.

4. Fabric Markers do well to revamp a hair colour. They dry slowly to allow you to blend the colour well and then are permanent after 24 hours. here check out the results..........


This SHS went from white to pink in a Half of an hour. The colour hue for the marker I used is right in between an original pink and a lighter shade of pink that the ponies normally get. She looks wonderful! If you would like to purchase a marker please email me with the email button at the top of your screen. The amount for the marker plus shipping in the US is $6.00. OR you can send your pony to me and I can repink her for you at the cost of $3.00 plus shippping which is normally about $1.00 anywhere in the US.





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