The Loose Curl....

First ,before you cleaned your pony did the pony have the curl already or not?

If she did, then lay her on her side on a towel and let the hair dry by itself. If that doesn't work you can always try these tips to get a better curl.

There are many different ways to make the curl these tips are just the easy ways I have found.


using small curlers bought from the store I wrap the wet hair in them. Start from the end of the hair shafts and wind or wrap until you reach the mane hair plugs. If you start the wrap at the top you will not get a nice continuation of curl all the way to the ends.


Allow hair to dry over night in the curlers


After hair is dry remove curlers. You will probably lots of tight curls. Shake the pony until you reach the desired effect. Then comb out each clump of curls together.

Do not comb straight through the hair. This will just make a frizzed look.

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