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Rainbow Bridges:
Counseling with Gays and Lesbians,
Paying Particular Attention to Cultural, Spiritual, and Psychological "Otherness"
F. Kenneth Freedman


Queer psychology was probably not on the minds of the drag queens who were the foot soldiers at the Stonewall Inn that fateful Sunday in June 1969. Today, however, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersexual (homo-oriented) people need, more than ever, to be recognized as people with an "other" set of emotions and sensibilities: a unique psychology.

I intend this thesis to be a guidebook as well as a scholarly paper. It is focused primarily at counselors and therapists who wish to learn more about working with homo-oriented clients. I delve into details of clinical work with homo-oriented clients from a cultural, clinical, and spiritual perspective, affirming their experience and unique psychology. I also discuss the relationship between ecology and spirituality and how those areas might help heal homophobia for hetero- as well as homo-oriented people. Further, I discuss homophobia in the context of an Axis I mental disorder.


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