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I generally recommend weekly therapy for adults. This helps you to discover, in a concentrated form, the origins of the issues that affect you negatively today. In session you look at adolescent experiences and gain insight into your current life difficulties. The primary objective of this insight is to come to a stronger sense of self-understanding as well as a personal awareness of the relationship between past and present. This gives you the power to determine your current and future life.

Personality is the way you look at yourself and others. You begin to see patterns that contribute to how you experience the world.

Repeating yourself (doing the same thing over and over with a negative outcome) is one indicator that your life is stuck. Therapy can help you understand the patterns and help you free yourself from that repetitive cycle.

Depression can make a person feel exhausted, worthless, helpless and hopeless. Anxiety is a chronic and exaggerated worry without provocation. Depression and anxiety can be treated effectively with psychotherapy.



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