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It is typical in our therapy sessions to look at your life and in that process try to come to an understanding of difficulties that may be causing your problems. We also look at our relationship, between therapist and client, because what's happening in the office can also be a reflection of what's happening in your life.

  • Couples counseling - Working with couples to develop more effective communication and emotional connections.

  • Anxiety - This feeling is part of our everyday lives; therapy can help you to reduce your anxiety and manage the triggers better when they happen.

  • Loss - Whether it is loss of a job, a loved one, or relationship (not a complete list) this event can have devastating consequences in our lives; therapy helps process the loss and manage the recurring feelings.

  • Depression - This emotion can happen when we least expect it; sometimes we don't even know we are depressed; therapy can help pinpoint the cause(s) of depression and learn effective ways to cope with this potentially life-altering feeling.

  • Post Traumatic Stress - Being traumatized is a horrible experience; suffering the after-effects of the trauma, sometimes years after the event, can change our lives in negative ways; therapy can help mitigate those after-effects and manage the sense of trauma in our present-day lives.

  • Social Anxiety - Being afraid to go out in public or socialize in a crowd can be a horrible experience. There are generally causes for this feeling; therapy can help find those original events and sometimes heal the trauma; learning how to function in society can be a great accomplishment.

  • Stress - This everyday feeling can be crippling both physically and psychically; there are ways to deal with this issue and therapy can help uncover some of the reasons we endure stress and help overcome this daily life occurrence.

  • GIBLT Issues - Gay, Inter-gender, Bi-oriented, Lesbian, and Trans-gender issues are a specialty in my practice and these issues can be especially difficult in a world that frequently doesn't accept equal social status. Homophobia is only one of the many issues that can derail a person's life, in addition to relationship issues, and a sense of self in a mostly hetero-oriented world. We can work to uncover the homophobia, if that's at the root of the feeling, or work on a host of other, personal feelings that can throw us off and need therapy to right our sense of self.


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