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Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park is ordinarily entered from the small boat harbor (below right) in Seward, where the park's visitor center can be found. Small boat harbor Cruise operators there offer tours ranging from a few hours to a full day that take visitors into the coves, along the headlands and out to the islands included in the park.

Kenai Fjords is a 650,000-acre park on the Kenai Peninsula in Southcentral Alaska. It includes the 300-square-mile Harding Icefield, source of the glaciers that carved the fjords and provide some of the park's most impressive sights.

Seward is a three-hour drive south of Anchorage; it can also be reached from Anchorage by train (the ride takes about five hours) or bus. It has a small airport, too. A flight from Anchorage takes 35 minutes. Cruise ship Seward, an ice-free, deep-water port, is also a stop for cruise liners.

Boat cruises of the park are available year-round. Winter activities include the Polar Bear Plunge in January (where about 300 people jump into the small boat harbor in a fund-raising event that is the main event in a weekend festival), skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledding.

The National Park includes mountains, waterfalls, tidewater glaciers and wildlife ranging from black bears to harbor seals. Its islands include sea lion haulouts and its rocky coastline and islands contain rookeries for a wide variety of seabirds including gulls, kittiwakes, murres, oystercatchers, cormorants and puffins. Its waters support sea otters (photo below), salmon, halibut, porpoises and whales.

sea otter

Visit Resurrection Bay and the Alaska SeaLife Center.
the virtual version of the park.
National Park Service description of park.
Visit a Ukrainian site if you'd like to read about Kenai Fjords in Cyrillic.

LeSea Charters fishes for halibut, rockfish and salmon from Seward.

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