Whale bones on Resurrection Bay beach

Whalebones have been artfully arranged on a Resurrection Bay beach that is a stop on one of the local boat cruises.

A Day in Resurrection Bay

Child and seal at sealife centerA day in Resurrection Bay brings spectacular views and close encounters with a variety of wildlife.

A good place to start -- or end -- a day on Resurrection Bay is the new Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. It is a research center that has been designed as a year-round tourist attraction, too. Visitors can watch scientists at work and observe puffins, salmon, seals and sea lions in above- and below-water habitats designed to resemble their natural surroundings in the bay.

orca whales spoutingThe SeaLife Center allows closer encounters with a variety of wildlife, such as the seal in the photo above, than is possible in the bay. Visitors can also watch seabirds swim for their suppers 20 feet below the surface of the water (it looks as though they are flying underwater).

Orca (killer) whales are among the more elusive of Resurrection Bay's inhabitants, but occasionally visitors are rewarded with views of a pod in the bay or in nearby waters. The photo at right of two orcas is from a sighting in late September 1998.


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