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Mr. Moneybags himself!

Here is a wonderful portrait image of Scrooge McDuck from Disney's Ducktales which premiered on television in the late 1980's. This production piece is a key mastersetup with a single production cel of Scrooge set against its matching watercolor production background. I particularly love the money symbol that is the top part of his chair at his desk. This is a great piece!

Matching original production clean-up drawing.

This key master setup includes a certificate of authenticity from the Animation Artshop, the matching original production clean-up drawing and frame/matting as shown above.

No tax and shipping/insurance extra.

More Uncle Scrooge!

Scrooge & Huey!

Here are two great production cel setups of Scrooge and Huey from All New Adventurs of Disney's Sport Goofy which premired on NBC television in 1987. These setups show the emotions that only these duck can express! Both are 12 field 2 cel setups.

Cool highlights on the reverse of each drawing!

These 12 field production setups come with a lithographic copy of the production background, disney certificate of authenticity and framed/matted as shown to the left.

$495 each
No tax and shipping/insurance extra.

Books, Video, DVD, Links and Other References

    Ducktales- The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp , 1990
    Running Time:74 minutes
    Subject:Another of Disney's efforts to create a quickie animated feature film out of one of its daily TV shows, this one plays like a low-rent reworking of Aladdin. Still, with Scrooge McDuck (voiced by Alan Young) and nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, there's fun to be had. And that includes the genie (voiced by comic Rip Taylor) and the villains voiced by Christopher Lloyd and Richard Libertini. The plot centers on Scrooge's search for lost treasure; the kids come up with the magic lamp with the genie in it, which is sought by an evil magician. Everyone gets into the act of making wishes and seeing them come true, until the bad guy gets a hold of the lamp. --Marshall Fine

    Extremely Goofy Movie , 2000
    Running Time:79 minutes
    Subject:Goofy's second feature opens with the big dog wistfully sending his teenage son Max off to his freshman year of college. In short order, daydreaming Dad is fired and learns he's not employable without finishing his degree at--you guessed it--the same university his beloved "Maxie" attends. Soon the eager father is embarrassing the heck out of his son and curbing his independence. At the same time, Max and his skateboarding buddies form an extreme sports team, challenging the snooty fraternity team captained by Bradley Uppercrust III, who doesn't grasp the concept of fair play. When things get rough, Goofy saves the day--and finds true love with a librarian who shares his '70s-era nostalgia. Any excuse to put Goofy in an afro wig and "Knock on Wood" and "Shake Your Groove Thing" on the soundtrack! The 73-minute story is serviceable and the moral commendable (integrity wins in the end). Ages 3 and up will enjoy the antics, but a lot of the (harmless) college jokes are aimed at adults. --Kimberly Heinrichs

    Goofy Movie , 1995
    Running Time:78 minutes
    Subject:Even as Disney has reveled in the success of its high-end animated features, it occasionally sneaks a lesser effort into theaters, based on one of the many TV shows with which it dominates daytime TV. This one is based on perennial Disney favorite Goofy's adventures in domesticated bliss. Goofy is now a single dad; when son Max gets blamed for a prank gone wrong at school, Goofy blames himself and decides that, for his vacation, he's going to get away with Max alone. Of course, this is no treat for Max, who has just met the girl of his dreams and harbors no wish to spend the summer touring America with his square dad. The vacation is one disaster after another, though they aren't particularly funny disasters; the culmination involves Goofy's efforts to get Max backstage at a big rock concert. Strictly for young fans of the TV show. --Marshall Fine

    The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom , 1995 Updated.
    Author: Christopher Finch
    Subject:This wonderful hardbound book tells it all from the beginnings of Mickey Mouse through to the latest feature release Fantasia 2000 and includes discussion on all things Disney. This book is also available in a hardbound edition as well. Includes 250 illustrations throughout 451 pages.

    Paperback Edition

    Mickey Mouse - My Life in Pictures , 1997.
    Author: Russell Schroeder
    Subject:The long-awaited, fully illustrated memoirs of international icon Mickey Mouse ranges from the production of his first short film to his monumental roles in cinematic history, merchandising, and politics. A first-person narrative yMickey Mouse takes a decade-by-decade look at Disney's most famous creation, born in 1928 and still going strong. The glib text is subordinate to the many photos, comic strips, and film stills that fill the 64 pages.

    Spirit of Mickey , 1998
    Running Time:75 minutes
    Subject: Here is a collection Mickey Mouse shorts from Steamboat Willie through to the mid 1950's, Mickey's Seal. A must have for any fan of Mickey Mouse.

    Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas , 1999
    Running Time:75 minutes
    Subject: Donald Duck's nephews learn why holidays come once a year, Goofy and son discover the spirit of Santa, and Mickey and Minnie reenact a classic tale of giving in this all-new holiday offering. Kelsey Grammer (TV's Frasier) narrates as Donald hosts Christmas at his house, complete with an egg and pancake breakfast, a sled for each duckling in the closet, and Daisy under the mistletoe. But the celebration gets old fast when the boys' wish for Christmas every day comes true. Next up, Goofy's son wonders whether there is a Santa after the villainous Pete tells him there's not and he catches Dad impersonating the portly gift-giver. Goofy demonstrates the spirit of giving by taking a meal and presents to less-fortunate neighbors, and many Goofy-style mishaps later, father and son have a surprise visitor. In the third story, the mouse lovebirds give an updated spin to O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi," with Minnie having the heirloom watch with no chain and Mickey a harmonica with no case. This trio of Christmas stories adds up to an hour of heartfelt fun, capped off by the gang singing "Jingle Bells." Perfect holiday cheer for those 4 and up. --Kimberly Heinrichs

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