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H ere is a complete listing of all the traditionally hand-drawn Disney animated features from the first film created (Snow White) in 1937 to the latest release. In each of these subsections you will find valuable information regarding each feature, cross references for artwork availabe in the gallery, film facts and other related items such as links, books or videos for purchase. Just click on a film below to begin your exploration. Also below is a basic animation art reference for books that every collector should have. And remember at anytime you can click on the email icon above to send a question. Enjoy!
1937 Snow White
1940 Pinocchio
1940 Fantasia
1941 Dumbo
1942 Bambi
1943 Saludos Amigos
1945 Three Cabarellos
1946 Make Mine Music
1947 Fun & Fancy Free
1948 Melody Time
1949 Icahbod & Mr. Toad
1950 Cinderella
1951 Alice in Wonderland
1953 Peter Pan
1955 Lady & the Tramp
1959 Sleeping Beauty
1961 101 Dalmations
1963 Sword in the Stone
1967 Jungle Book
1970 Aristocats
1973 Robin Hood
1977 Rescuers
1981 Fox & the Hound
1985 Black Cauldron
1986 Great Mouse Detective
1988 Oliver & Company
1989 Little Mermaid
1990 Rescuers Down Under
1992 Aladdin
1994 Beauty & the Beast
1995 Lion King
1996 Hunchback of Notre Dame
1997 Hercules
1998 Mulan
1999 Tarzan
2000 The Tigger Movie
2000 Fantasia 2000
2001 Atlantis
2002 Return to Neverland
2002 Lilo & Stitch
2002 Treasure Planet
2003 Jungle Book 2
2003 Brother Bear
2004 Home on the Range
Pinocchio 1940
Sleeping Beauty 1959
Tarzan 1999

Books, Video, DVD, Links and Other References

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    Pinocchio - Pierre Lambert , 1997
    Authors: Pierre Lambert and Jeanine Herman
    Subject: This beautiful hardback book describes the making of this animated classic and features original production artwork from a number collections around the world. This is a work of art itself with it glorious reproduction that truly recreates the artwork as though you were staring at the original piece. This is a "must have" for any animation fan of Pinocchio and the genre in general. Books includes an inbound sericel of Jiminy Cricket set against its reprinted original production.

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    Paper Dreams: The Art And Artists Of Disney Storyboards , 1999
    Authors: John Canemaker
    Subject: This is a wonderful coffee table book that shows the true art of storyboards from Disney feature animation. Highlighting the artists of that created some of the most memorable moments in animation, this book present rarely seen artwork from Fantasia all the way through to Mulan.

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    Disney Animation - The Illusion of Life , 1995
    Authors: Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas
    Subject: This hardback book written by two of Disney nine old men details the making of animated feature in the Disney way. This is a "must have" book for any true animation art fanatic.

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    Disney A to Z , 1998
    Authors: Dave Smith
    Subject: This hardback book written by Disney's archivist is a wonderful reference that indexed in the same way as an encylopedia. It contains everything from short bios of actors who starred in Disney films to general trivia in an organized and easy to find manner.

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