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has been a collectible beginning with the success of Snow White in 1937. To produce an animated film takes countless hours and thousands upon thousands of drawings and paintings in order to create a final film product that captures a person's heart and creates magic inside our minds. There is a variety of different types of animation artwork that is available to a collector.

To begin any great personal animation collection, several key questions come to mind. "What makes a truly great collection?" There is no right answer to this question, however one key element is taking some time to determine what you like. Creating a focus for your collecting hobby will make building the collection more fun and challenging.

Next, decide what appeals to you and buy what you like that fits your budget. Remember, as with any collecting hobby, your heart will guide you best. Do not be swayed by a potential financial gain. As with all commodities, prices will move up and down on the secondary market, and typically auctions that are held during the post-release of some of the Disney contemporary films command over-inflated prices during the short term. Animation art is an investment of the heart.

Because of the varied type of art available, it can seem overwhelming at times as to what to collect. I always suggest to other collector's to select a theme based on the heart strings that drew you to the hobby. Several collector friends focus their collections on artwork from a specific film or time period and/or perhaps a specific type of artwork. An example would be to collect Mickey production drawings from the 1930's or only key master setups from contemporary feature films. This adds a sense of purpose to your collection and narrows the focus to make it a challenging hobby that will perhaps meet your financial ambition.

This section of will hopefully provide you a guide to the different types of animation art that is available. I have organized this resource into a three major sections which will clearly show examples of artwork (available for sale) with definitions of how the artwork is utilized in the production process. If you have any questions with what I have displayed here please do not hesitate to email or by clicking on the envelope icon in the banner at the top of the any page. Choose a selection below and have fun!