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Here is a great portrait 16 field production drawing of Pocahontas from Disney's Pocahontas which premired in Central Park, New York on June 10, 1995. This very precise clean-up drawing appears in the film just after she meets John Smith when they are talking about his village. This happy and expressive drawing is when she says "London" which is also marked in graphite in the upper right hand corner. Pocahontas is drawn in graphite on animation paper and measures 8 1/2 inches tall!

A copy of the premiere program
from Central Park is included!

This clean-up drawing comes unframed and includes a certificate of authenticity from the Animation Artshop. Production drawings from modern animated Disney features are some of the rarest drawings to find!

No tax and shipping/insurance extra.

Books, Video, DVD, Links and Other References

    Pocahontas , 1995 Available for Pre-order! Release date: July 4, 2000
    Running Time:81 minutes
    Subject:More serious in tone than most Disney cartoon features, this one tells of the brave and free-spirited woman who defied her father--and her tribe--by falling in love with Capt. John Smith, part of a plundering party from England. Entertaining if not particularly memorable, with Pocahontas a strong and appealing character, and her sidekicks, Meeko (a raccoon) and Flit (a hummingbird), providing delightful comedy relief. Songs by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz include one standout, ``Colors of the Wind. '' Both that song and the music score won Oscars. -Leonard Matlin

    Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World , 1998
    Running Time:78 minutes
    Subject:Here is the direct to video release of what happens as the disney saga continues with Pocahontas travelling to London to visit John Smith. She quickly finds herself in all sorts of mishaps that anyone would expect for a new person in a strange land, especially in a village the size of London. If like the Pocahontas story as told by Disney with the first film, you will enjoy the follow-up adventures. -Sean Monico

    Disney's Pocahontas Illustrated Songbook (Disney's Pocahontas) , 1998
    Author: Stephen Schwarz and Alan Mencken
    Subject: Here is a wonderful book that is a collection of all the major songs from this Disney animated film. Illustrated throught with colorful artwork from the film, this songbook makes for easy playing at the piano, 48 pages.

    Art of Pocahontas , 1995.
    Author: Stephen Rebello
    Subject:This beautifully produced companion to the Disney animated feature celebrates and chronicles the creation of the film with pre-production and concept art, storyboards, an in-depth look at the design and refinement of the character of Pocahontas, layouts and backgrounds, and a history of Stephen Schwartz's wonderful musical score. Over 200 color and black-and-white illustrations. This book should be in every collectors library, however it is out of print and hard to locate.

    The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom , 1995 Updated.
    Author: Christopher Finch
    Subject:This wonderful hardbound book tells it all from the beginnings of Mickey Mouse through to the latest feature release Fantasia 2000 and includes discussion on all things Disney. This book is also available in a hardbound edition as well. Includes 250 illustrations throughout 451 pages.

    Paperback Edition

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