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Armored and Dangerous!

Here is an intriguing production background from Disney's Aladdin which premiered on video in 1994. This 12 field production background was painted with gouache on heavyweight paper and is from the episode (show 85 - scene 440), Armored and Dangerous. Production backgrounds of key scenes from the Aladdin series are very hard to come by. This is a wonderful music room painting of the Sultan's Palace at the very end of the episode!

This production setup includes a color copy for insurances purposes and the disney
certificate of authenticity.

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The Gang's all here!

Here is a great multi-cel setup with production overlay of Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine, Iago, Abu, Carpet and the Sultan from Disney's Aladdin which premiered on television in 1994. This 12 field key master setup is set against an original hand-painted production background of the palace grounds from show episode (85 - scene 440), Armored and Dangerous. This key master setup appears in the shot just before the palace background shown above. These two production setups would be a great addtion to any collection.

This production setup includes a color copy for insurances purposes and the disney
certificate of authenticity.

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Books, Video, DVD, Links and Other References

    Aladdin and the King of Thieves , 1996
    Running Time:80 minutes
    Subject:Robin Williams returns as the voice of the hyperactive genie in this, the second direct-to-video sequel to Disney's hit animated feature. Aladdin, the street beggar turned Prince, risks all to find his father among the cutthroat 40 thieves and joins his quest to find a Midas-like stone that turns everything it touches into gold. A significant cut above most made-for-video animation, this energetic adventure largely leaves Princess Jasmine and the genie behind for a father-and-son quest. Guest voice Jerry Orbach suggests Sean Connery with his thick-as-molasses delivery as the master thief Sa'luk and, despite his limited screen time, Williams once again delights with his wild flights of fantasy as the big blue Genie. A rousing tale full of last-minute escapes and spectacular, kid-sized thrills that even parents will find entertaining. --Sean Axmaker

    The Return of Jafar , 1994
    Running Time:66 minutes
    Subject:This 1994, direct-to-video follow-up to Aladdin (it's actually four episodes of the Aladdin television program, back-to-back) is a wash-out compared to the Robin Williams-driven animation feature that kicked off the franchise. The story partially involves the villainous Jafar's parrot--Iago--trying to leave his master and befriend Aladdin and Jasmine. Williams is nowhere to be found, unfortunately; the genie's voice is provided by Dan Castellaneta, and the difference shows. --Tom Keogh

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    Aladdin - The Making of an Animated Film , 1992, paperback.
    Author: John Culhane
    Subject:From story development to casting problems, from teh breathtaking new computerized effects to that moement of magic when a character comes to together and comes to life, this wonderful book provides a fascinating look at the animation process from the inside in the cours of making an extraordinary feature film. This book has been out of print for a couple of years and is difficult to find, email now for a copy. Limited supply! 124 pages.

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    Aladdin - Piano, Vocal, Guitar , 1993
    Author: Howard Ashman and Alan Mencken
    Subject:This songbook illustrated with animation artwork and scenes from the film compiles all of the classic songs from the disney animated feature that showcases Robin Williams as the Genie. Includes all your favorite songs from a Whole New World to a A Friend Like Me. 64 Pages.

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    Aladdin Illustrated Songbook , 1994
    Author:Howard Ashman, Alan Mencken and Tim Rice
    Subject:Here is a beautifully illustrated songbook featuring all the classic tunes from Howard Ashman, Alan Mencken and Tim Rice. 48 pages.

    Little Mermaid , 1989
    Running Time:83 minutes
    Subject:From the moment that Prince Eric's ship emerged from the fog in the opening credits it was apparent that Disney had somehow, suddenly recaptured that "magic" that had been dormant for thirty years. In the tale of a headstrong young mermaid who yearns to "spend a day, warm on the sand," Ariel trades her voice to Ursula, the Sea Witch (classically voiced by Pat Carroll), for a pair of legs. Ariel can only succeed if she receives true love's kiss in a few day's time and she needs all the help she can from a singing crab named Sebastian, a loudmouth seagull, and a flounder. The lyrics and music by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken are top form: witty and relevant, and they advance the story (go on, hum a few bars of "Under the Sea"). Mermaid put animation back on the studio's "to do" list and was responsible for ushering Beauty and the Beast to theaters. A modern Disney classic. --Keith Simanton

    The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom , 1995 Updated.
    Author: Christopher Finch
    Subject:This wonderful hardbound book tells it all from the beginnings of Mickey Mouse through to the latest feature release Fantasia 2000 and includes discussion on all things Disney. This book is also available in a hardbound edition as well. Includes 250 illustrations throughout 451 pages.

    Paperback Edition

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