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In the commercials!

Here is a wonderful three cel setup of Mickey, Donald and Goofy from a 1984 commercial produced for Hardees Hamburgers. This setup portrays the gang in somewhat disco garb while playing or performing on stage. It is a 12 field animation setup that is vibrant and affordable with a hand-painted gouache background.

Framed production setup with handpainted presentation background.

This colorful production setup comes framed as shown to the left. Double matted with filet and a white lacquer frame compliment this one of kind disney image. This piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Shipping/insurance extra.

Here is a colorful setup of Mickey Mouse that is from a commercial production produced for televison in the 1970's. This 12 field animation cel is afforadable and comes with a whimsical "toon town" hand-painted gouache background.

Framed animation cel with handpainted presentation background. Why buy a sericel?

Detail of Mickey cel.

This colorful animation cel comes framed as shown to the left. Nicely matted and a neutral colored wooden frame compliment this one of kind disney image.

Shipping/insurance extra.

Books, Video, DVD, Links and Other References

    Mickey Mouse , 1998
    Author: Pierre Lambert
    Subject: This wonderful hardbound coffee table book references the art of Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie all the way to Runaway Brain. Printed in the same tradition as his previous book, Pinocchio Pierre Lambert display wonderful art pieces from personal collectors around the world and the Disney archives. Includes foreward written by Roy Disney, 240 pages. This book should be in every animation art collector's library!

    The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom , 1995 Updated.
    Author: Christopher Finch
    Subject:This wonderful hardbound book tells it all from the beginnings of Mickey Mouse through to the latest feature release Fantasia 2000 and includes discussion on all things Disney. This book is also available in a hardbound edition as well. Includes 250 illustrations throughout 451 pages.

    Paperback Edition

    Mickey Mouse - My Life in Pictures , 1997.
    Author: Russell Schroeder
    Subject:The long-awaited, fully illustrated memoirs of international icon Mickey Mouse ranges from the production of his first short film to his monumental roles in cinematic history, merchandising, and politics. A first-person narrative yMickey Mouse takes a decade-by-decade look at Disney's most famous creation, born in 1928 and still going strong. The glib text is subordinate to the many photos, comic strips, and film stills that fill the 64 pages.

    Spirit of Mickey , 1998
    Running Time:75 minutes
    Subject: Here is a collection Mickey Mouse shorts from Steamboat Willie through to the mid 1950's, Mickey's Seal. A must have for any fan of Mickey Mouse.

    Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas , 1999
    Running Time:75 minutes
    Subject: Donald Duck's nephews learn why holidays come once a year, Goofy and son discover the spirit of Santa, and Mickey and Minnie reenact a classic tale of giving in this all-new holiday offering. Kelsey Grammer (TV's Frasier) narrates as Donald hosts Christmas at his house, complete with an egg and pancake breakfast, a sled for each duckling in the closet, and Daisy under the mistletoe. But the celebration gets old fast when the boys' wish for Christmas every day comes true. Next up, Goofy's son wonders whether there is a Santa after the villainous Pete tells him there's not and he catches Dad impersonating the portly gift-giver. Goofy demonstrates the spirit of giving by taking a meal and presents to less-fortunate neighbors, and many Goofy-style mishaps later, father and son have a surprise visitor. In the third story, the mouse lovebirds give an updated spin to O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi," with Minnie having the heirloom watch with no chain and Mickey a harmonica with no case. This trio of Christmas stories adds up to an hour of heartfelt fun, capped off by the gang singing "Jingle Bells." Perfect holiday cheer for those 4 and up. --Kimberly Heinrichs

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