Ordering Information

Given the unique nature of each basket, we don't have a standard catalog. The baskets shown in the gallery are representative of some of the different designs Pat has worked on in the recent past. You may order baskets from those displayed, but bear in mind that no two baskets will be exactly alike. Pat's decorations tend to be simple and natural. She prefers to use bone, ivory and wooden beads, stone, and glass; generally avoiding plastics except on rare occasions.

Prices for other baskets will vary according to size and difficulty. Occasionally, the type of decoration can also be a factor. Some of the ivory beads are very expensive and Pat has found that she has no choice but to pass that cost on to her customers.

Pat is willing to make special order baskets. One customer asked that a basket be made of particular pine needles from a favorite tree. Pat was happy to do that, provided that the customer provided the needles! If there is any particular bead that you want worked in, or driftwood from a beach you love, or shells, or feathers, (you get the idea), contact Pat and she'll be happy to discuss a project with you.

Weaving Spirit, Fiber Art may be contacted at:

P.O. Box 1615
Soldotna, AK 99669
Tel. (907) 262-5386
Email: wspirit@alaska.net

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