About the Artist

Pat Morrison has had a lifelong fascination with natural fibers. She was one of those children always being admonished "not to touch," but found that visual appreciation was just the beginning of enjoying objects.

She began the study of fiber art at Kenai Peninsula College and used those skills to make baskets as gifts for friends and colleagues. She refers to herself as a fledgling weaver and loves utilizing new fibers and techniques.

Pat's favorite medium is the pine needle, with seagrass a close second. Both are preferred for the powerful blend of sensory experience provided to the eye, the ear, the nose and the skin. Coiling and twining are her traditional weaving styles. Utilizing materials discarded by nature to create art is her passion.

The creative principle of Pat's weaving is to allow the "spirit" of the material to guide the movement of her hands.

Pat lives in a log home near Soldotna with her husband. In addition to her weaving craft, Pat is a public health nurse.

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