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The Alaska State Fair

The 2004 Alaska State Fair is history, but time and space operate differently on the Internet than anywhere else. So you still have your choice of visiting it or going to the 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, or 2000 Alaska State Fair. If you'd like, you can go straight to the Midway, which is timeless.

racing pig

Perhaps they can't fly, but one of
the things you could see at the
'95 Alaska State Fair was pigs
leaping over hurdles.

Native doll

Crafts on display at the 1996 State Fair
included this prize-winning doll
of an Alaska Native.

Ejection Seat riders
And people were flying
at the 1997 State Fair.
The new attraction was the ejection seat,
which took its riders from zero
to 60 miles per hour in no time at all.

gold miner
The 1898 Gold Rush
provided the theme
for the exhibits and activities
at the 1998 State Fair.

FairgoersThe theme of the 1999 fair
was "Jam Packed Fun."
Good weather on the first days
of the fair brought big crowds,
jam packing the exhibit halls
and Midway

Budweiser wagon
The Budweiser 1903 Studebaker wagon
and the eight-horse team of Clydesdales
to pull it flew to Alaska for the 2000 fair.

fair food

There was plenty to eat
at the 2002 fair,
including bear claws (which,
despite their name,
are not an Alaska specialty).

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State Fair logo

That's the virtual state fair. If you're after the smells, sounds and excitement of the physical Alaska State Fair as well, you'll find information about the next fair at its official site.

Visit other state fairs at Fairs Net.

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