Here is the whole crew at our most recent blessed event, the finalization of our adoption of Ashley.  Ashley is the littlest one being held by me on the left.  The judge is standing next to me then little Travis, Marcus, Caitlyn, the 2 baby's Aunt Melody, and then Kristian.  For better or worse, Ashley is now officially a member of the family!

Our two legged family is nearly as diverse as our canine family!  Our oldest son, Kristian, is 14 years old and loves to show his favorite breed, the Welsh Cardigan Corgi. 

Caitlyn, 11 years old, was adopted from Peru and is a natural dog handler.  She prefers to handle the breeds with a little more leg than a Corgi so that she can RUN!

Travis, 2 yrs. old, is part Athapaskan Indian, and showed as a Pee Wee Jr. Handler at the Alaskan Australian Shepherd Fling in July.

Ashley, one year old, and also part Athapaskan Indian is mostly concerned with keeping her tummy full, and being held by anyone who is willing. 

My husband, Marcus, is an Electrical Engineer, and also pinch hits for us when we need a spare handler.  His emotional and physical support are greatly appreciated!

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