Carol Olson
Palmer, Alaska

Applegate's Tory of O'Sage  Foundation Sire

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Welcome to Trustnluk Kennels!  We are owned by quite a few wonderful Australian Shepherds, and miscellaneous other breeds which we would like to introduce to you. 

We would like to thank the breeders and friends who have spent so much time teaching us all we know about dogs, and who have provided the foundation for the lines that we are showing and occasionally breeding.

Roy and Annette Sage of O'Sage Kennel
Barbara Applegate of Abquisto Aussies
Carolyn Cannon of C-Myste Kennel
Mandy Cannon of Baledwr Kennel
Glenn Scheiffer of Spyrock Kennel
Buddy Toadvin of Lone Juniper Kennel
Jane Shong of Sugarmint Kennels
Virginia Vandermark of Northstar Kennel

We choose to breed for correct movement, type and excellent temperament.  Rarely do we produce more than one litter a year no matter what the breed, and the puppies are raised in the house with the family.  It is important to us that we breed only dogs with sound temperament that are free of genetic diseases.  Puppies are carefully placed in loving homes.  We believe that our responsibility for these puppies lasts throughout their lifetime.

We are members of the Cook Inlet Kennel Club and the Alaska Australian Shepherd Club.  We enjoy participating regularly in puppy and obedience classes, show and goes, fun matches and AKC/ASCA shows.  I enjoy teaching obedience classes for the club, and for the 4-H club.  I am also a member of the local Animal Control Board.  We hope that you enjoy our web site and the many canine links that we will continue to update.

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