This page is dedicated to our furry friends who are waiting beside the Rainbow Bridge until we can join them, and cross over together.

Applegate's Tory of O'Sage.  We miss you Tory!  Thank you for the wonderful years and the beautiful babies you gave us.  Tory died with a 5 point ASCA major under Vicky Mistretta, and a 5 point AKC major. 

O'Sage's Whispering Mariah.  Dearly loved and forever in our hearts.  One of those dogs who always did everything right.  Mariah died with an AKC major and several ASCA points (at least one major).  You live on in your babies!

Joker's Sweet Lady CD, Stdd, Stds.  Heidi, you were truly Marc's dog, but we all miss you and love you.  Everyone who met you fell in love with you!

Penny, you were our one and only "mutt", but you were the best.  We were lucky to have so many wonderful years with you.  You taught all the youngsters both two legged and four legged how to behave.

O'Sage's Arrogance O'Applegate.  Gent, you were always the clown, and you died doing what you did the best, eating strange things like your very own doghouse!  Nevertheless, we miss you and love you.

Click on the picture to go to a beautiful website!  Pet Loss and Grief Support.

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