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Leman Family, December 1997

My wife Carolyn and our children are my most important priorities. When I consider legislation, I weigh its impact on them and other families and look for ways to strengthen the family.

Strong families are the cornerstone of our culture. Good parents provide a solid foundation for their children, built on love, respect and firm but gentle guidance. I appreciate the foundation that my mother and father established for me. Carolyn and I are likewise investing in our three children.


Joseph, nearly 16, is the oldest of our children. He enjoys studies as well as sports. He plays basketball and the piano. He is also active with the Civil Air Patrol Squadron on Elmendorf Air Force Base.

Joseph is a big help with our family's fishing.


Rachel, 13, gives us plenty of opportunity for joy! She is a good student, plays the piano, and does well in ballet. She is also playing basketball.

Rachel has participated as a living doll in the acclaimed "EnchantedWorld" presentation which is showcased each Christmas season in Anchorage. Live "dolls" costumed in native dress represent cultures and nations from all over the world.

Rachel helps with fishing and enjoys showing visiting friends how to dig and clean clams!

Bambi & Thumper

Nicole, 7, is in first grade and is enjoying the new world of reading and writing. She loves meeting and playing with other children.

Nicole is also taking ballet lessons and is starting with piano instruction.

Our three children:  summer 1997

Mom & Dad, 1997

Mom & Dad
Marian & Nick Leman, 1997
50 years married!

Our three children: summer 1997

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