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Our Duties as Americans

The key to our success as a nation is citizen involvement. I urge you to make your opinions known to your elected officials, and to consider running for public office.

We have many duties as Americans. Caring for our neighbors in time of need, answering the call to defend our nation, and voicing concerns about issues that affect our country and our families are but a few.

Vote!The very least we can do is vote on Election Day. Voting is the most basic, and yet the most important of our civic duties. We should also do all we can to make solid, informed choices.

I have included on this page links to informative web sites which will provide you with a great deal of information about a wide array of issues. I urge you to track how your legislator votes, and what bills he or she sponsors or supports. Make your voice heard, and your opinion count!


Alaska Legislature Home Page

Alaska Republican Majority

Alaska Senate Home Page

My Page - AK Republican Majority

Alaska House Home Page

Alaska Legislature Textual Infobase

American Legislative Exchange Council

U.S. Senator Ted Stevens

CapWeb - Guide to the U.S. Congress

U.S. Senator Frank Murkowski

Washington Times - Front Page

Congressman Don Young


National Federation of Independent Business

National Rifle Association

Republican National Committee

Family Research Council

Americans for Tax Reform

Town Hall

Concerned Women for America

Heritage Foundation

Concerned Alaska Parents for Children, Inc.

Christian Coalition of Alaska

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