Tropical Breeze Trading Center

List update as of: 4 june/juni 2000

To see my wants list, please go to the Lighthouse. I am going to try and get images up of all of if you would like a photo.

Please email me if you want to trade! Any of these you can fix with the tips in the salon. I am confident of it. I just don't have the time.......


ALL trades are subject to a 30 day deadline. After 30 days I will put an item back up for sale or trade. I have the right to decide on this unless we have spoken within 2 days of the deadline and made new arrangements. I am not liable for ponies lost in the mail you may request insurance. If I make a trade with you I expect you to comply with you end even if the pony is "lost" and you don't receive. I have had to many ponies "get lost" and am just trying to cover my bases. Sorry for any annoyances this produces.

LOT FOUR: Image 7

Drink n Wet, Welly Boot, MINT - $3.00<Hold els>
Drink n Wet, Rain flower, $3.00<jody Howllet>

LOT SIX: Image 9

Pretty Belle needs bath and defrizz <hold judy howlett>
Green lobster float<Hold els>

LOT TEN: Image

Assorted new loose ponies: all for 50 cents each! Please get them out or they might end up in the CAFE! <ALL on hold for Baby Gloomy>

Sundance with balloon
Pink,purple hair, flowers
Light Heart
Ivy dark purple leaves crown still on.
Pink two tone hair, Present
Wedding pony


Jogging suit<Hold els>
wedding dress<Hold els>
baby bottle<Hold Justine 9April2000>
Baby rattle pink handle white top<Hold Justine 9April2000>
Xylophone<Hold Justine 9April2000>


Party napkins<Hold Justine 9April2000>

CPK Ponies:

Blue with princess crown cobalt hair $.50<hold gloomy>
Purple with umbrellas Purple hair $.50<hold Gloomy>


 Pony Referance# and Status Pony Name and Breed Condition and Flaws Pony Price
 001  Glory- Unicorn Bad. needs super cleaning. Tail trimmed.  $.50 or Free with purchase of one ggod pony or two custom ponies
 002<hold gloomy>  NBT w/pink mittens Excellent $3.00
003<hold kristy>  FireFly- Pegesus Excellent $3.00
004  Baby Stockings- earth Orange highlighter on nose $3.00
005  SS Paradise- Pegesus Excellent with minor dirt $4.00
006  SS HippityHop- Pegesus Minor Rubs to lips and Ears $4.00
007  SkyFlier- Unicorn Excellent $4.00
008  SS NorthStar - Pegesus Minor rub on frontleg size of pinhead. Some minor dirt  $4.00
009  Windy- Unicorn Excellent $4.00
010  PrettyBeat- Earth  Very Good $4.00
011  Medley- Pegesus Excellent $4.00
012  Majesty- unicorn-lavender eyes Some tail rust. Two brown dots on neck. Excellent symbols $2.00
013  Twilight- Unicorn Symbol rubs $3.00
014  Cherries Jubilie- Earth Excellent $3.00
015  Lemon Drop-Earth Excellent no tail $2.00
016  B&G with mirror yellow body Excellent minor light blue on front leg $4.00
019  SHS with Stars Mane cut. Body excellent $2.00
020  Sparkle baby Northstar Hair a little rough but excellent pony overall $4.00
023  Purple Princess Pony Excellent beautiful hair and body $3.00
025  MGR Tassles- Earth no tail excellent paint $2.00
026  SS Mgic Star - Earth Minor Playwear to ears and light dirt  $5.00
027<hold gloomy>  AppleJack - Earth Missing Tail but excellent $1.00
028<amy taylor>  TE Fizzy- Unicorn  Excellent $3.00
029  SS Party Pack- Pegesus Rubs to winds and face $2.00
030  Moonstone- Unicorn Excellent $2.00
 031<kristy marshal> Mirror Mirror- Earth Excellent $3.00
 032,<hold stardancer>  SHS Frilly Flower Excellent $4.00
033  RoseDust-Flutter Fair-Hair with frizz $2.00
034<hold gloomy> lady flutter hair cut $4.00
035  FireFly- Pegesus good.minor symbol wear $1.00
036  Moondancer-Unicorn Minor rub to symbol small pink hightlighter on left side i cm long. Hidden by hair. $3.00
037<hold gloomy>  NBT Humpty white Hair Tail Rust. Minor Frizz $2.00
038  BBE LicketySplit TailRust,eye rust, hair faded $1.00
 039  Medley- Pegesus Bad. Body grilled.LOL Free
040  SS Ribbon Major Wear. $1.00
 041 FireFly- Pegesus no tail, rubs to symbol Free
042  SS Hippity Hop- Pegesus Rubs on wings, lips, ears, hooves. Hair fading to light pink. $3.00
043  WW or SW blue fly Pink hair fading. no wings $2.00
 044<hold psivampyr> NB baby tappy Hair frizzy, tail rust $1.00
 045 TE Locket- Pegesus hair tangled possible frizz Clean and excellent body $2.00
046 BananaSurprise- Earth Excellent $3.00
 047<hold misfit> Princess Dawn -earth needs cleaning small hole on each side $1.00
048 Gusty- unicorn Minor discolouration $1.00
 050 Baby Stockings Excellent $4.00
051 Ballerina baby- yellow suit, pink body, teal hair Excellent $3.00
052 Pink Baby light pink hair, baby bib symbol freckles on nose, regular eyes light tail rust, hair fading to white $1.00

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