Tropical Breeze and

Sea Shell's

Flea Market


Here are the rules for our sale.....

"Holds" will be placed on items in the order recieved

ALL payments are due 7 days from the date of HOLD

Payments can be made with Money order or Cash
International Money orders also excepted and will be given 10 days to arrive.

Buyer pays shipping. For traded items I will pay shipping on items I send to you. If you buy and trade I will also pay the shipping.

One last rule!

For people willing to make trades I will trade three dollars worth of ponies for every one you give me. Trades must be good quality and not custom baits!


To see my wants list for trading go to the Light House. Once you are clear on all of our rules you may enter our sale zone by clicking here. If you have any other questions please email Sail-Away.

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