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Explore Fairbanks

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Fairbanks map
There is so much to see and do in Fairbanks that you really need two or three days to take it all in. This map shows the location of 28 great places to stop (including our inn for a fabulous stay) in Fairbanks.

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To learn more about why it takes at least three days to see Fairbanks take a look at our "What to see" page.

  1. Visitor's Center
  2. Alaska Public Lands Information Center
  3. Dog Musher's Museum
  4. Alaska Railroad Depot
  5. 7 Bridges, Boats & Bikes Rentals
  6. Alaska Prospector
  7. Creamer's Field Wildlife Refuge and Nature Trail
  8. Tanana Valley Fairgrounds
  9. University of Alaska Museum
  10. Agricultural Farm (UAF)
  11. Musk Ox Farm
  12. Pike's Landing
  13. Cripple Creek/Malemute Saloon
  14. Pump House Restaurant
  15. The Riverboat Discovery Landing *

  16. Alaskaland
  17. Trans-Alaska Pipeline
  18. Gold Dredge #8
  19. El Dorado Gold Camp *
  20. Poker Flat Research Range
  21. Old FE Company Gold Camp
  22. Two Rivers Lodge
  23. Chena Hot Springs Resort
  24. Santa Claus House
  25. KJNP Radio Station
  26. Knotty Shop
  27. 7 Gables Inn & Suites
  28. Abbey Inn Cottages

* We can make reservations for these attractions in advance if you wish

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