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King Salmon  Pike, Trout and Arctic Char
 A variety of fish
 King Salmon.
What a blast to catch!
 Brian & Earl Denny with two Northern Pike, a Lake Trout and an Arctic Char.
Red and Silver Salmon,
Arctic Char and DollyVarden.
What a variety for one days catch from one fishing hole!
A nice Arctic Char
Record Arctic Grayling
A fish every cast! 
 Another nice Arctic Char.
 Just one of the many Record Class Arctic Grayling.
 Fish every cast! A spot where you can't miss. You will wear out your arms.
Two of our boats
Arctic Grayling
Fish On!
 Two of our boats on one of the many streams we take you to.
 An Arctic Grayling on a Bucktail Spinner, soon to swim away.
 Fish On!

Nice Lake Trout 
Chum Salmon
 Nice Red Salmon
 Marcel Parisien of Quebec holds up his nice Lake Trout.
 Dan fought this beautiful Chum Salmon to shore. A quick shot with the camera and away it swam.
 A nice Red Salmon
right before release.


Sunset over Lake Lorraine

Days end with a glorious sunset over Lake Lorraine

Parting Thoughts
Anytime a trip is made in the interest of recreation, you take home a piece of the people you have met as well as a piece of the place visited.

Our sincere hope is that when your stay with us is done, you will look back on your time with us with fond memories of an enjoyable trip. A time when you saw a small, but significantly beautiful portion of the Alaskan scenery. There was an abundance of things for you to photograph. You saw brown bears, eagles, wildflowers, otters, foxes, volcanoes and more. A time when you successfully fished for many species of fish all in one trip. You caught numerous salmon, dolly varden and grayling.

You will say to yourself that it was fun and exciting but you were always well fed, safe and taken care of. Now, you can't wait to see the pictures and tell your friends!

Gus & Koreen Lamoureux


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