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Bald Eagle

Too wet to fly, this bald eagle waits to dry.


 Red Fox
 This was not taken with a telephoto lens.
Photographic opportunities abound. Foxes, eagles,
otters, as well as brown bear, moose, and
many other animals.

Children playing in water 

When they get tired of fishing they still want to play.
Two cousins wade amongst salmon fry, adding to
our view of the volcanic Mt. Peulik.
Girl with Red Salmon 
Not a chance!
She's not going to let this
Red Salmon get away.

View of lodge
A view of the lodge.
The guest rooms are private, clean, dry and heated. There are comfortable beds with clean linen.
Also, hot shower, very clean and efficient propane comfort station (toilet).
Our spacious kitchen
Our spacious kitchen
Home cooked meals are served family style.

A typical room
The best rest is after a day in the fresh air
reeling them in one after the other.


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