Ugashik Lake and Kodiak Bear Camp

Come fishing in Alaska with a lifelong Alaskan who has been fishing
the wild reaches of this State since age 5. Gus knows how, when and where
to get our fighting fish on the end of your line!

Ugashik Lake Camp, a Fisherman's Eden!

Fly or spin fish in remote ALASKA. You have never been anywhere like this!
Mt. Lorraine and Cessna 185
Mt. Lorraine viewed over the wing of our Cessna 185

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Gus Lamoureux - Master Guide & Outfitter
Ugashik Lake & Kodiak Bear Camps

P. O. Box 90444, Anchorage Alaska 99509
Phone (907) 248-3230 or FAX (907) 248-3012
While fishing the WWW, this many people
have reeled us in.
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