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F ken Freedman, Psychotherapist


Do you sometimes feel your life could be better but you are not sure how to get there?

When we feel stuck in our lives there is that sense that we are not moving into a place where positive change can happen. We can feel stuck in our process of personal growth, in our relationships, or in our professional lives. We can also feel stuck in a feeling such as nagging anxiety, depressed mood, or stress that won't seem to let up. Look at therapy as a positive step towards regaining control and forward momentum in your life.

Life events can cause stress - divorce, loss of a relationship, finding a new relationship, losing a job or even finding a new job, and sometimes that stress makes us feel stuck. In my office therapy becomes a tool for you to regain your inner strength so that you can feel that sense of forward momentum again.

I work with adult individuals and couples. My strengths include anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD, stress, and relationships.



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