Amos Sr. 1802

Drury 1827

Mary Ann 1828

Amos Jr. 1829

Isaac 1832

Bindy 1834

Abraham 1835

Alfred "Cudge" aka "Kudge" 1837

The above links are based on photos available.
If pictures turn up for Sarah, James,
Abraham, Rachel, David, Alexander, or Eliza,
I will build them a page and link in this list.

The clinker here is Mary Ann. She has a page but no photos.
(Just one of my quirks. dt.)
Noah, won't have a page unless someone has a baby picture of him.

Also, it might be deduced from this situation, that we haven't found
any "cousins" aka descendants from these lines
which is why we have no photos.

So now you see why this is the way it is.
Let us know if you find something
new. Thanks. DT.