Alfred "Cudge" 1837 (aka "Kudge")

Alfred "Cudge" Dawson married Elizabeth Lovell

Randall Bible is the cousin on this page.

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(***Note- the original photo of Alfred has Cudge spelled with a C, not K, so the spelling of Kudge on this page will be set by the original writing on that original photo.)

Alfred Dawson son of Amos Dawson lived in the middle of Bybee, near the postoffice.

Photos are owned by Randall Bible.

NEWS FLASH: March 31, 2012
Cousin A. Nease found death document that gives name of Alfred Dawson's wife as Elizabeth Wilder, (instead of the Lovell that we had up to now.) Other information gleaned from the documents are her birth date (May 24, 1838), her death (Sept. 11, 1917), and their marriage 1860. She had 11 children. And apparently, Alfred and Elizabeth passed away in April and Sept, respectively, in the same year.

Randall Bible's question has been answered, through information sent from Toni Lane Caldwell.
(April 11, 2011) Mr. Bible asked how John Dawson was related to Uncle Cudge. In fact, Cudge was John's father, not his uncle. John's daughter, Sarah (married Nolan), had also called him Uncle Cudge, but he was not her uncle, either.

Notes from Bybee:

Randall and I are still trying to run down information on how he is related to Cudge Dawson. On the back of the old picture it was spelled with a C.

All his life he has heard about uncle Cudge Dawson. The only thing is in this communnity some people are called uncle by everyone.

Randall's greatgrandfather was John Dawson and his wife was Elizabeth (Miller) Dawson.His grandmother was their daughter Sarah (Dawson) Nolen.Mammie (Sarah) always talked about uncle Cudge Dawson, but sadly we don't know if he was her uncle or great uncle or no uncle at all. We feel like John came in the next generation. He was born 1875 died1922.
The Bibles

John Dawson Family (Click photo to see it larger)
John and Elizabeth (Miller) Dawson

Dear Cousins
The names on the back of the picture or as follows:L to R --back row--Ellen Dawson; Clifford Dawson, Mead Ledford {not sure who she is }, row 2--Hunley Dawson, John Dawson, Elizabeth Dawson, Sara {Nolen} Dawson {my grandmother}, Burnice Dawson, and little Juddy Dawson

Juddy was kicked and killed by a mule not long after this picture was made. He would have been around 2 years old. I have a large picture which is a chalk drawing made from this picture of John and Elizabeth and little Juddy inserted in between them .

The picture was given to me by my grandmother Sara Dawson Nolen. John and Elizabeth are my great- grandparents.

I would like to know who Mead Leadford is if anyone knows.

Randall Bible


C. Turner has solved the mystery with the above Mead Leadford in the John Dawson Family photo. Mead (Meady) has been revealed to be the daughter of Elizabeth, John's wife.

Meady Leadford (Ledford) was born abt. 1884. A hard copy of marriage records for 1887...the year the Dawsons were married, indicates that John Dawson and Elizabeth Leadford married Sept 4, 1887. It would appear that Mead is daughter of Elizabeth's.

Meady eventually married and became Mrs. John Walton in Bybee."
Can anyone narrow down when that picture was taken?

S. Will wrote in about the Burgess family (Rebecca Burgess married Amos Dawson, Jr.). C. Turner was also researching Burgess. Check out Rebecca Burgess page for updates.

UPDATE-- Sept. 2010 A. Nease sent the following additions to the lineage of Drury, son of Alfred (Kudge) and Elizabeth.
2. Drury Dawson (b.1861;d.betw1900-1910)
   	sp (1st spouse of Drury): ): Sarah N.E. Holt (m.1883)
		3. Andy Dawson (b.1884)
   	sp(2nd spouse of Drury Mary L. Holt (b.1879;m.1895;d.1960)
		3. Delsie Dawson (b.1896;d.1973)
  		 sp: Manford Nease (m.Feb. 1, 1914)
			4. Onlyson Nease
			4. Firstdau Nease
			4. SecondDau Nease
			4. ThirdDau Nease
		3. John Leonard Dawson (b.1898;d.1960)
		3. Mary J."Jem" Dawson (b.1899;d.1970)

.Along with the new information and date corrections came a few other interesting bits. ...................

(Thank you, cousin Nease, for sending this account of Alfred/Elizabeth Dawson's decenants on the Drury line.)