Amos 1829

Children with Rebecca Burgess: Noah (1849), Phillip (1851- tombstone notation)Darthula (1861), Isaac B. (1864), Newt (1859)
Children with Liz Crumley: Phillip#2 (we've concluded there was a Phillip in each family group), John, AV Wayne, and new name added 7/06 is Phebe (Phoebe) born 1869

NEW INFORMATION Added Jan 2017 via Gina W.
Sent information on descendants of Marvin Lee Dawson, son of Isaac who was son of Amos'29. See details below. Includes links to more history on that branch.

Added Dec. 2014:
Picture of Maggie Bell Harris, dau of Brown Harris and Phebe Dawson

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There is a book called Century Review, 1805 to 1905, Maury County, Tennessee, "a condensation of the most important events of the past one hundred years". Author: D P Robbins. Published in 1905/1906. On page 318 is the following entry:

" P. Dawson, b Jun 16 57 is son of Amos and Rebecca Dawson. Amos was son of Amos Sr and Polly (Black) Dawson; Rebecca was dau of Joseph Burgess. Mar 3 72, he married Leona, b Feb 25 52, sister of J. P. Hines. Their children---- Joseph, deceased; JW b Dec 7 74; Fannie E, Oct 9 78, wife of Ed Church; ML b 80; WA b 83; JP Jun 10 86; Maude L, Aug 29 90; GH, Feb 22 96. Mr. Dawson owns 191 a 2 m SW of Cross Bridges where he raises stock and farms."

I have transcribed this as written. From the wording, it appears that Phillip Dawson was living when this book was written. And the children--- the only one I am missing is Joseph, who must have died as a child and was probably never listed in a census!
Amos 1802
...Amos 1829 (m. 1848 Rebecca Burgess)
......Isaac (Ike) Barton (m. Alice Franklin)
.......Clifford (m. WillieTyler)
.........Georgie Mae (m. C.Knight)

New 1/2017
Amos 1829
......Isaac (Ike) Barton (m. Alice Franklin)
.........Marvin Lee (m. Clara Mai Jett)
.............Willie Mai (m. Samuel F. Wrather)
....................Daniel Keith Wrather

Amos 1802:
...Amos 1829 (m.first Rebecca Burgess)
.....Isaac (Ike)
..........Lucy 1895 (m. Will Bramlett)

Amos 1802:
...Amos 1829 (m. second Liz Crumley aka Louisa Chumley)
........Phebe (Phoebe) (1869) who married (Alexander) Brown Harris
.............Amos F. Harris
.................Earle G. Harris
Judy and Dianna in 1994

Links provided by Wrathers (Amos>Isaac>Marvin>Willie Mai>Daniel):
Marvin's tree is on WikiTree here: Marvin L. Dawson
Willie Mai, was indexed as Willie "Mae" in 1940, but that is not correct. It is in fact, "Mai". Willie Mai

Note: There are some clippings provided by this family, from the Columbia Herald, but I don't know about the legalities of posting them here, so I will list the subjects, and look into the ins and outs of using them here. Subjects of Herald Clippings: Phil Dawson Obit, Mrs. Phil Dawson Trip, Phil Dawson House Fire, Phil Dawson Monument, Phil Dawson Son of Walter, Amos Dawson Obit.

Finally!! A photo of Alleene!!!!

photo sent by Alleene in May '07,
and edited/uploaded Dec. '07.

Keith in 2005..............................Earle
(see more family members farther down page)

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Amos Jr.(center,front, holding hat) with children of second wife Liz Crumley

The young men in the background are Wayne (left) and John (right) but the center fellow with moustache is Alexander Brown Harris, known to all as simply Brown Harris.

This note has been updated July 06 with the addition of new information from new cousin Keith.

Maggie Belle Harris b.1892
Daughter of Brown Harris and Phebe Dawson
Collection of Obituaries sent by Alleene.................... Dawson Obituaries from the Amos, Jr. line
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Ike,Alice, and grandson: James

Ike is Isaac Barton Dawson, son of Amos '29 Alice is Alice Permelia Franklin, Ike's wife.
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Marvin Emmett Lucy Reuben Clifford
Alleene writes: "This is Marvin Emmett Lucy Reuben and Clifford Dawson with Alice
My Granddad was gone most of the time."
Clifford, Lucy, Emmett: three of the children of Ike and Alice. A fourth, Reuben, is pictured in the next photo.
Ike, and son Reuben, and 2 Williams
Clifford Dawson,
  • son of Ike,
  • grandfather of Dianna,
  • uncle of Alleene and great-uncle of Daniel
  • Married first: Willie Tyler
  • Married second: Oma Burns
Bramlett Kids- Children of Lucy Dawson Bramlett
Lucy, Alleene, James
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Newt and Darthula, brother and sister of Ike (Isaac B.), children of Amos, '29
Children of Liz Crumley, second wife of Amos '29
(additional information or corrections of the identity of the one named "Phil" are welcome.)
The tombstone for Phillip Dawson states that he was born 1851, and the Maury County Cemetaries book by Fred Hawkins states his mother is Rebecca Burgess, so that makes him half-brother to the other 2 boys, John and Wayne. However, other sources, such as various family descendants say he is the son of second wife Liz Crumley, which makes John and Wayne his full brothers, as well as Phebe his sister. His birth date tells a somewhat different story.)

CONCLUSION AFTER MUCH RESEARCH: There are two Phillips... one in each family.. Rebecca's and Liz's. That explains why there was a grave marker dated Birth:1851 for the older one and a photo with other Liz children labeled "Little Phil."

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Four generations of Harris people, decended from Phoebe Dawson married to Alexander Brown Harris (see Brown Harris above standing in photo with Amos.