Amos Sr.

Bybee, Cocke Co., Tennessee

Amos (1802) married Mary Polly (Parly) Black (1806),

Children: The starred ones have photo pages on this website. The rest are awaiting a decendent to join the group and share a photo with us.

  • Drury
  • Mary Ann
  • Amos Jr.
  • Sarah
  • James
  • Isaac
  • Bindy
  • Abraham
  • Alfred "Cudge"
  • Noah
  • Rachel
  • David
  • Alexander
  • Elizabeth Ann (Eliza)
AMOS, SR. 1802, ancestor of all the rest.

The Search for the Parents of Amos Dawson, 1802

1830 Cocke Co TN Census
It shows :
Dawson, Amos, [page] 257 [house hold number] 428
Dawson, Sally, [page] 257 [house hold number] 427..... she is older and she is next door. Is it his mother?

Note: All Abraham notes that used to be here have been pushed to the bottom of the page because recent research indicates that the Sally Dawson connection referred to above might be a much more likely direction for research.
As of March, 2010, I renewed my subscription to and started following the new hints that were posted since last time I looked.

There were 16 trees connected to that hint. I have only just begun to dig into it, but here is a few start off with:

This set of hints indicates that our Amos '02 had a father named Amos born 1770. So..... Father Amos 1770 married Sally Adkins b. 1772 (See a Sally in household #427 above) This Amos /1770/- his father was John Dawson 1750 and mother Sussanah Drewery This John Dawson 1750 had father John Dawson 1725 and mother Susannah Wood 1722. John Dawson 1725 had father Unknown first name Dawson 1689, no mother listed.

Going back up to Susannah Wood-- her parents were John Wood and Abigail Gibbs.

And there is a bunch more new info and research tools. One was census records from 16something into 1800's. These must be new records added since we looked a while back.

One thing that confused us a few years ago was the seeming confusion with 2 John Dawsons marrying a gal named Susannah and Sussanah. They are spelled differently, and have different last names. And if you go to the trees that link to our Amos '02, you can see that both ladies have their own sets of ancestors. It's more clear when you view it in chart form.

Now, to connect what we have recently found to some information that was presented 12 years ago by Harless Brakebill. He suggested from his research that:

John Dawson born about 1770 in either Augusta Co. VA. or Germany? Married Sussanah Drewery or Wood. He also has [John] as his father but nothing else. ////This point is where the John and Sussannah confusion was evident. Our recent research clears up that there were two Johns, father and son, and they both married a Sussannah or Susannah with different maiden names. So the former confusion is now making more sense.

Their fifth [5th] child was Amos married Sally Adkins, he died abt 1845 buried in either Dawson or Yett cem. The list goes on with names of children. This Amos had a Amos born 1802 [in VA or Cocke Co], /// So now we have what appears to be the connection of Amos 1770 to our Amos 1802, and tie-in with Sally who was living next door in 1830.

How does Abraham fit into this?: (Probably not, due to info presented above) (I am saving it because Abraham might someday turn out to be some relation to our Amos/John scenario).
Abraham Dawson (1776, or possibly 1785) appeared
in the Jefferson Co. Tn 1830 census, and
in the Cocke Co. 1840

There is an Abraham it appears was born in Hampshire County, West Virginia. Records from Hampshire and Mineral County, West Virginia and Chester County, Pennsylvania. indicate that. Hampshire at one time was a part of Virginia. Unfortunately, 90% of their old records prior to 1923 were destroyed by fire. Both Amos and wife apparently died in Salem, Tennessee between 1820 and 1830.
This might be a line of research for someone to pursue.

Another researcher turned this up: (obviously a different Abraham, date-wise)
Name: Abraham Dawson 
Sex: M 
Birth: 1785 in Hampshire, VA ...........(should be about 1776) 
Death: 1865 in Parrottsville, TN
Name: Martha "Unknown" 
Sex F 
Birth 1795 in Tennessee 
Death: abt 1860/1870 ? in Parrottsville, TN ?

And then there is Bart Dawson that some have mentioned:
Bart was decended from an earlier Abraham Dawson married to Catherine the 1830 census there were 8 children and in the 1840 census there were 11 children. If you are looking for this census page on, you probably won't find it because there is a blank space between page 256 and 258. A cousin requested that they fix it (7/07), but as of 3/08, I don't see anything new.

One more kink: There were some names found that are spelled "Danson" and if you squint and look real close you can see how certain handwriting styles might make Dawson look like Danson.

Anyone with other ideas on the Amos parentage, let's hear 'em.
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