**The information in these chart have been cross-checked with Nora’s records and with Karen’s publication that she mailed out, with Dianna's records, and with the records of each cousin who is associated with that group, making it as up to date as possible at this point in time. If they need any changes or you have any new
information please contact me (Dianna).
** I did have a computer glitch which stuck in a few “UNKNOWN” (2nd )spouses as the SECOND spouse. I am not sure if the 2nd unknowns that are left are real or mistakes. I am working on the corrections to this glitch.

Amos Sr.(updated Oct. 11, '07)
(Shows 3 generations)

Drury (updated as of May 28, '07)
New Cousins and new Info added 9/27/07)

Mary Ann(updated as of July 2, '07)

Amos Jr.(updated as of Oct. 28, '09)

Sarah (updated as of July 4, '07)

James (updated as of July 4, '07)

Isaac (updated Aug. 5, '07)

Bindy (updated July 5, '07)

Abraham (updated May 2, 2011)

Alfred (updated Sept. 18, 2010)

Noah (updated Sept. 14, '07)

Rachel (updated Sept. 16, '07)

David (updated Sept. 20, '07)

Alexander (updated Sept. 20, '07)

Eliza (updated Oct. 11, '07)

Mary Parly Black

Here's a link to Mary Parly Black 1806 I felt that Mary Black was as much our ancestor as Amos Dawson and that she needed some representation.

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