Descendants of Amos Dawson Jr.

NOTE- New updates from Kathy B. Oct. 28, 2009.///////This chart is updated as of June 30, 2007 using input from Alleene, Karen, Keith, Sally, Nora, and Dianna.
The problem of Phillip has not been fully resolved, but I have basically decided that for some unknown reason, Amos '29 must have had two sons named Phillip-- one with each wife. I cannot agree that both Phillips are the same because the birth dates listed in the census are very different, and considering that Allene sent a photo of Phillip's grave marker, that is the date I finally used to place Phillip in the children list for Rebecca Burgess, first wife of Amos, Jr.

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30 Jun 2007
1. Amos Dawson Jr. (b.14 Feb 1829-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn)
   sp: Rebecca Burgess (m.14 Feb 1848)
	2. Noah W. Dawson (b.1849-Cocke Co.,Tenn)
	2. Phillip Dawson (b.18 Jun 1851;d.25 Jan 1910)
   	sp: Leona (Leonid) Hines (m.3 Mar 1872)
		3. Walter DAWSON
		3. Will DAWSON
		3. Mary Lyles DAWSON
  		 sp: UNKNOWN
		3. Frank DAWSON
		3. Pat DAWSON
   		sp: Janie Dawson
		3. Fannie Ella Dawson
   		sp: Joseph Edward Church
			4. Mrs. W. E. Church
			4. Mrs. Joe Church
			4. Arthur Church
			4. Joe Church
			4. Mrs Hughes Church
			4. Maude Church
   			sp: Adley Curry
				5. Natalie Curry
	2. Newt Dawson (b.1859;d.betw 1933-1939-Blue Branch,Maury Co.)
	2. Isaac Barton (Ike B.) Dawson (b.7 Aug 1864-Cocke County,Tenn.;d.8 Mar 1948-Columbia,Tenn.)
   	sp: Alice Permelia Franklin (b.30 May 1863(1859)-Lawrence Co.,Miss.;m.17 Jan 1883;d.Jul 1942-Culleoka,Tenn)
		3. Mary Elizabeth Dawson (b.26 Apr 1884-Hampshire,Maury Co,Tenn;d.1904)
		3. Reuben (Popcorn Man) Amos(Amis) Dawson (b.8 Aug 1886-Cross Bridges,Maury Co,Tenn)
   		sp: Ruby Vela Pinkelton (b.1897-Giles Co,Tenn)
			4. William G. Dawson (b.1916)
		3. Roxy Loretta Dawson (b.1 Apr 1889-Mt. Knebow,Maury Co.,Tenn.;d.25 Aug 1890)
		3. Lucy Webster Dawson (b.3 Nov 1895-Cross Bridges,Maury Co,Tenn;d.25 Sep 1988-Savannah,Ga)
   		sp: William Brown Madison Bramlett (b.15 May 1873-Kentucky;d.19 May 1956-Green's Mill,Maury Co,Tenn)
			4. Cecil Webster Dawson Bramlett
			4. Lucy Florence Bramlett (b.19 Jan 1931-Lynville,Giles Co. Tenn.;d.18 Feb 1999-San Diego)
			4. Mary Will Alleene Bramlett (b.8 Aug 19XX-Giles Co,Tenn)
   			sp: Robert Earl Henry (b.28 Nov 1934;m.1957;d.4 Feb 1999-GA)
				5. Lucy Katherine Henry (b.7 Aug 19xx-Honolulu,Hawaii)
				    sp. James Allen Barefoot (b. June 17, 19xx)
					6. Brandy Nicole (b. Oct 5, 19xx)
					6. Victoria Lynn (b. April 26, 19xx)
					6. Justin Allen (b. Oct 8, 19xx)
				5. Robert Earl Henry Jr. (b.4 Feb 19xx-Savanah,GA)
   				sp: Pamela Keene
				5. Jememy Wayne Henry (b.29 Apr 19xx-Savanah,GA)
				    sp. Susan Elizabeth Swanson
					6. Robert Edwin Henry (b. Sept. 27, 200x)
				5. Rebecca Elaine Henry (b.28 Jul 19xx-Savanah,GA)
				5. Mary Ann Henry (b.9 Oct 19xx-Savanah,GA)
			4. James Richard Bramlett (b.21 Aug 1939-Covey Hollow,Maury Co.,Tenn.;d.16 Sep 1997-Savannah,Ga)

		3. Clifford (Earnest Clifford) Dawson (b.3 Mar 1898-Cross Bridges,MC,Tenn;d.May, 1961 (??1963??)-Columbia,TN)
   		sp: Willie Luella Tyler (b.22 Feb 1904-Culleoka,Tenn;m.1921(Div);d.27 Jul 1995-Annapolis,MD)
			4. Georgie Mae Dawson (b.23 Jul 1922-Culleoka,Tenn;d.17 Jun 2002-Annapolis,MD)
   			sp: Charles Junior Knight (b.26 Jun 19xx-Columbia,Tenn.;m.13 Jun 1941)
				5. Dianna Maria Knight (b.6 Sep 19xx-Columbia,Tenn.)
   				sp: Howard Ben Taplin (b.27 Aug 1919-Timber Lake,SD;m.16 Dec 1969;d.23 May 1990-Soldotna,AK)
					6. Shawn Howard Taplin (b.30 Jun 19xx-Anchorage,AK)
   					sp: Connie Louise Caligan (b.24 Jul 19xx-Portland,OR;m.11 Aug 1989)
						7. Tyler Howard Taplin (b.7 Mar 19xx-Prescott,AZ)
						7. Blake Andrew Taplin (b.8 Nov 19xx-Soldotna Alaska)
						7. Zachary Charles Taplin (b.16 Sep 19xx-Soldotna,Alaska)
						7. Kendall Maria Taplin (b.2 Apr 19xx-Soldotna,Alaska)
					6. Mark Shane Taplin (b.9 Oct 19xx-Soldotna,AK)
				5. Judy Charlene Knight (b.21 May 19xx-Columbia,Tenn)
   				sp: Dennis Ortiz (m.1970)
					6. Deanna Maria Ortiz (b.12 Mar 19xx-Maryland)
   					sp: Alex Swartz (m.Nov 1998)
						7. Cole Corbin Swartz (b.1 Nov 20xx-Annapolis,MD)
						7. Aryia Swartz (b.25 Mar 20xx-Annapolis,MD)
   				sp: Dave Eilerman (m.1968(Div))
   	sp: SECOND wife of Clifford: Oma Burns (m.Abt 1929)
			4. James Dawson (d.10 Apr 1975-California)
			4. Ernest (Walter Earnest) Dawson (b.19xx)
   			sp: Ruby 
				5. Carol Dawson WOODS
				5. Cindy Dawson
				5. Ricky DAWSON
			4. Glen Dawson
			4. Mary Alice Dawson
   			sp: Mr.???Whitley or Mr Fournier
		3. Emmett Franklin Dawson (b.10 Jul 1902-Dry Creek,Hickman Co. Tenn.)
   		sp: Vema Tice
			4. Dora Jay DAWSON
		3. Marvin Lee Dawson (b.24 Nov 1905-Mt. Pleasant,Tenn;d.Nov 1979-Lynville,Giles Co. Tenn.)
   		sp: Clara Jett (b.19 Feb 1907;d.25 Oct 1988-Columbia,Tenn.)
			4. Marvin Lee DAWSON Jr. (b.1930-Covey Hollow,Maury Co.,Tenn.;d.2004-University Hospital,Columbia,Tenn.)
   			sp: UNKNOWN
				5. Willie Mae DAWSON
				5. Elvay Lee DAWSON
   				sp: UNKNOWN
	2. Darthula Dawson (b.1861 (62)-North Carolina;d.27 Jan 1953)

   sp: SECOND wife of Amos Jr.-Liz (or Louisa) Crumley (b.1850-Tennessee;m.Abt 1868)
	2. Phebe C. Dawson (b.Abt 1869-Tennessee)
   	sp: Alexander Brown Harris (b.Apr 1856-Maury County,Tenn.)
		3. Amos F. Harris (b.10 Jan 1889-Columbia,Tenn.)
   		sp: Virginia L. Gaines (b.16 Jun 1889-Bridgeport,Jackson Co,Alabama)
			4. Amos F. Jr. Harris (b.1920)
			4. Charles S. Harris (b.1922)
			4. Earle G. Harris (b.18 Jul 19xx-Nashville,Tenn)
   			sp: Katie Stell (b.13 Sep 19xx-Springfield,Arkansas)
				5. Keith S. Harris (b.19 Oct 19xx-Morrilton,Arkansas)
				5. Katherine L. Harris (b.19xx-Morrilton,Arkansas)
			4. Robert L. Harris (b.1926-Nashville,Tenn)
			4. Elsie L. Harris (b.1928)
		3. Maggie Bell Harris (b.10 Mar 1893-Maury County,Tenn.)
		3. Mary F Harris (b.21 May 1900-Maury County,Tenn.)
		3. Noah E. Harris (b.abt. 1904-Maury County,Tenn.)
	2. Phillip (huge questionmark) Dawson (b.1870-Tennessee;d.25 Jan 1910)
	2. John (poss. not blood?) DAWSON (b.Abt 1879;d.Jun 1956-Spring Hill,TN)
   	sp: Unknown
   	sp: Fannie Mae Somebody Dawson
	2. A.V. (Amos Valentine ?) Wayne DAWSON (b.1 May 1880-Tennessee;d.Abt 1964-Columbia,Tenn.)
   	sp: Lillian Blocker (b.1880-Tennessee)
		3. Thelma DAWSON
		3. Leslie H. DAWSON (b.1902-Tennessee)
		3. Louise DAWSON (b.1905-Tennessee)
		3. Cleo DAWSON (b.1907-Tennessee)
		3. Willie Mae DAWSON (b.1909-Tennessee)
		3. Kelsie DAWSON (b.1913-Tennessee)
		3. Clara DAWSON (b.1919-Tennessee)