Descendants of Drury Dawson

28 May 2007 **The information in this chart has been crosschecked with Nora’s records and with Karen’s publication that she mailed out,
making it as up to date as possible at this point in time. If it needs any changes or you have any new
information please contact me (Dianna). ** I did have a computer glitch which stuck in a few “UNKNOWN” spouses as the SECOND spouse.
I am not sure if the 2nd unknowns that are left are real or mistakes.
1. Drury Dawson (b.27 Jan 1827-Bybee,Wilson,Cocke Co.,Tenn.;d.11 Apr 1890-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn.) sp: Elizabeth Driskell Ellis (b.19 Oct 1828;m.25 Feb 1847;d.13 Feb 1911-Tenn.) 2. Brittanna Dawson (b.28 or 3 Mar 1848-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.28 Feb 1869) sp: Willian H. Campbell (b.1 Jan 1840;d.19 Dec 1901) 2. Mary "Maid" Dawson (b.4 Oct 1849-Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.18 Feb 1929) sp: Frances M. (Frank) Reese (b.1844;m.6 Oct 1867) 3. Andrew Reese (b.3 Sep 1863) 3. James Reese (b.26 Sep 1869) 3. Amanda Reese (b.9 Feb 1871) sp: Andrew Jackson Campbell 4. Pearl Savel Campbell (b.1 Jan 1899) sp: John Franklin Talley 5. Arvel Talley sp: Emma Haag 6. Vicki Talley sp: Charles Gordon Smelcer (b.1938;d.2003) 7. Tracy Elizabeth Smelcer sp: Shawn Keith Estepp 3. Minnie Reese (b.18 Oct 1881;d.20 Jun 1958) sp: Walter Scott Fancher (b.31 Jul 1777) 3. Elizabeth Reese (b.14 May 1883) 3. Shade Reese (b.17 Jan 1886) 2. Isaac Dawson (b.16 Jun 1851-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.2 May 1906-Cocke Co.,Tenn) sp: Sarah Conway 3. Hugh Conway Dawson (b.1904;d.1980) 3. Isaac Porter Dawson (b.1906;d.1984) sp: Lilly Gertrude Lay 4. Judith Annette Dawson (b.20 Jan 1939) sp: Don Womack 5. Vicki Womack 5. Wendi Womack 5. Don Jr. Womack 4. Murrel King (Bud) Dawson (b.25 Jan 1940) sp: Linda Louise Shockley 5. Murrel Anthony (Tony) Dawson 5. Julie Louise Dawson 5. Eric Christopher Dawson 2. James Andrew Dawson (b.16 Sep 1853-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.25 Jul 1930-Reedsport,Douglas Co,Or.) sp: (First) Laura A. Darby (b.3 Mar 1850-Spartansburg,SC.;m.Mar 1871;d.1884-Cocke Co.,Tenn) 3. James Henry Dawson (b.1872-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.11 Sep 1940-Salem,Marion Co.,Or.) 3. Mary Elizabeth Dawson (b.4 Aug 1875-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.13 Oct 1938-McMinnville,Yamhill co,Or.) sp: Sigel Frances Morgan (m.3 Jan 1890) 3. Julia Dawson (b.26 Sep 1877-Banks,Washington Co.,Or.;d.27 Feb 1973-Ashland,Or.) sp: Randall Seitters (b.1874;m.1899;d.1904) 3. Fulton J. Dawson (b.10 Nov 1877(79)-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.25 Jan 1958-Elma,Gray's Harbor Co.,Washington) sp: Cora Belle .... (b.2 Nov 1886;d.27 Apr 1961) 3. Drury Edward Dawson (b.18 Nov 1882-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.9 Nov 1959-Aberdeen,Gray's Harbor,Washington) sp: Ora Ovilla Holgate (b.1 Nov 1898;m.11 Aug 1913;d.29 Aug 1973) 4. James Edward Dawson (b.10 Aug 1914;d.11 Jul 1990) sp: Esther Marie Graves (b.11 Aug 1912) 5. Lyle Edward Dawson (b.1945) sp: Susan Maxine Bailey 6. Danalee Dawson (b.19xx) 6. William Edward Dawson (b.19xx) 5. Marcella Dawson 5. Larry Alan Dawson (b.19xx) 4. Helen Irene Dawson (b.8 Aug 1917;d.1992) 4. Laura Ovilla Dawson (b.3 Jan 1920) sp: Edward Bruce Kirkaldie (b.1922;m.Abt 1950;d.2000) sp: Oliver Wilcox Turner (b.1911;m.5 Sep 1935) 5. Myrna June Turner (b.19xx) 5. Nora Mae Turner (b.19 Feb 19xx-Aberdeen,Grays Harbor,Washingotn) sp: William Shields (b.1928) sp: Alfredo Calica (b.1935) sp: Edward Hugh Salter (b.7 Sep 1933-,Thurston Co. Washin;m.31 May 1978;d.26 Jul 2004-Olympia,Wash.) 4. Mary Loraine Dawson (b.1921;d.1921) 4. Drury Ervin Dawson (b.22 Jul 1926-Aberdeen,Wa.;d.2 Mar 1999-Aberdeen,Wa.) sp: Wanda Watkins (b.31 Mar 1928;m.15 Jul 1950;d.20 Oct 1997) 5. Vern Dawson (b.6 May 19xx) 4. Gordon Wesley Dawson (b.9 Jun 1930) sp: Anna Adams 3. Infant Dawson (b.1884;d.1884) sp(Second of James Andrew): Nannie Magdalene Fleming (b.1863;d.1912) 3. Carl Macheaux Dawson (b.1889;d.1963) ****New Addition on Sept. 27, 2007, from Mary Hansen Camilleri*******(copied and pasted from email) James Andrew Dawson m Nannie Magdeline Flemming Carl Micheaux Dawson m Pearl Mildred Foland Cliffane Joanne Dawson m Richard (Dick) Edmond Stuart Adams Harry Stuart Dawson Adams m Lynette Kenyan Kirsten Adams m (September 2007) Bennet (Ben) Kenyan Dawson Adams Susan Elizabeth Adams m Greg Carl Dawson m Lucille (Lucy) Ruth May Strauss Jim Dawson m Gail (Darcy and Darlene are twins) Darcy Dawson Jeramiah Darlene Dawson m 1 son 1 daughter Linda Lucille Dawson m Greg Erin m Glover 2 girls 2 boys Sean m Luciana (Lucy) 1 girl Linda 2nd Calvin Amber Jasmine Earl Foland Dawson b Jan 1919 D July 1919 Nancy Madeline Dawson m. Richard Hansen William (Bill) Hansen m Nancy (1 son-Sean Smithwick m Laura, they have Andrew) Sara Elizabeth Hansen Kathleen (Kate) Elaine Hansen m Donald Bert Garner (2nd Kenneth Nelson-he has 3 boys, Kyle, Kevin-serving in Iraq, and Keaton) Kimberley Christine (KC) Garner (b 19xx) m Deon DeSilva Nicholas DeSilva b 20xx Erica Ann Garner (b 1980) m Hobart (Hobie) Gagnon Anya Grace Gagnon b 20xx (and one due in January) Barbara Ann Hansen m George Lloyd Wilson (George passed April 2006) Karl Zacariah (Zach) Wilson b 19xx Kiel Alexander (Alex) Wilson b 19xx Eric Alan Hansen m Terrie Mobraten (2 sons-Oliver (Ollie) and Grover, both married with children) Elijah Volt Mobraten Hansen b 19xx Mary Jane Hansen m Dante E Camilleri Monica Marie Camilleri b 19xx John Richard Camilleri b 19xx John Carl Hansen Michael (Mike) Sean Hansen m Erin Elrich (Erin passed December 2006) Gwendolyn Rose Hansen b 19xx Hamish Japhy Hansen b 20xx Mardi Rebecca Hansen m James Gilkey Samantha Madeline Gilkey b 19xx ****(end of new info from Mary H. Camilleri, Sept. 27)**** 3. Eliza Virginia "Peggy" Dawson (b.9 Jul 1891;d.1978) 3. Cloyd Oliver Dawson (b.16 Mar 1893;d.1957) 2. Elizabeth Temperance Betty Dawson (b.7 Sep 1855-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.1 Feb 1933-Tenn.) sp: Pleasant Holt (m.1871) 2. Shadrach M or H Dawson (b.12 Oct 1857-Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.11 Dec 1929-Monroe Co.,Tenn.) sp: Mary Alice Sinnard (b.22 Feb 1860-Jefferson Co,Tenn;m.Aug 1884;d.4 May 1896-Jefferson Co,Tenn) 3. Adeline Dawson (b.16 Mar 1887) 3. Arizona Dawson (b.Abt 1888) 3. Drew Sinard Dawson (b.6 May 1891-Hambelin,Jefferson Co. Tenn;d.23 Feb 1957) 3. Annie Lee Dawson (b.13 Nov 1893-Jefferson Co,Tenn;d.20 Dec 1962-Ventura,Calif.) sp: George McClanahan (b.1885-Cocke Co,Tenn) sp: Harless Krauth Brakebill (b.11 Dec 1886-Monroe Co. Tenn;m.21 May 1921;d.14 Feb 1960-Ventura,Calif.) 4. Harless jr Brakebill (b.10 Nov 1922;d.27 Nov 2004) sp: Martha Margaret June Powell (b.27 Jun 1924;d.23 Aug 2004) 5. Karen Brakebill 5. Judy Lee Brakebill 5. Maudie Hicks (adopted) Brakebill 4. Jo Anne Brakebill (b.2 Mar 19xx) 3. Mary Alice and Alice May Dawson (b.1 May 1896;d.17 Jun 1896) sp: Melissa Moore (m.8 Dec 1898) 2. Andrew Dawson (b.6 Jul 1860-Tenn.;d.1 Jan 1863-Tenn.) 2. Leland Dawson (b.16 Jun 1862-Tenn.;d.1 Jan 1863) 2. John Dawson (b.6 Oct 1866-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.12 Sep (Oct. 16) 1938-Cocke Co.,Tenn) sp: Minnie Bell Holdaway (b.7 Dec 1870;d.8 Feb 1961) sp: UNKNOWN (question about this??) 2. Joseph S. Dawson (b.13 Mar 1868-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.12 (20) Apr 1899-Cocke Co.,Tenn) sp: Arminda Climer (b.18 Jul 1869;m.20 Nov 1890;d.20 Jul 1903) sp: UNKNOWN (question about this??) 2. Charles E. Dawson (b.15 Mar 1870-Tenn.;d.17 May 1948-Cocke Co.,Tenn) sp: Darthula Campbell (b.15 Mar 1870;m.24 Dec 1887;d.20 Aug 1950) *** See link to new cousin Zan...**** 2. Samuel K. Dawson (b.26 Feb 1872-Bybee,Cocke Co.,Tenn;d.16 Jan 1928-Cocke Co.,Tenn) sp: Laura Ellen Redwine (b.10 Sep 1875;m.3 Sep 1899;d.22 Feb 1959) 3. Roland V. Dawson (b.7 Mar 1901;d.1953) sp: UNKNOWN 4. Norman Dawson (b.1 May 19xx)