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Blue Skies Hairpiece

Blue Skies Hairpiece

Blue Skies Hairpiece This hairpiece recently won 2nd Place at the Anchorage Fur Rendevous (a local affair that dates back to the olden days when furs were traded in abundance). It measures 10" in length. It's done with 4mm peacock AB Austrian crystal and AB drop crystal, along with 6mm faceted sky blue glass beads from the Czech Republic. 25mm light blue double-bugle bead fringe help fill this piece out and make it look lush. The little blue flowers in the bottoms of the fringe have an bright AB finish on one side. I flipped them over so the AB finish was on the bottom and discovered that the light the AB finish catches shines up through the flower bead and gives it a wonderful glow! I also scattered some tiny yellow transparent 15's in the center of the raised flower to give it a pollen effect. It's as fun to wear as it is to look at.

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