by Debra

Being an avid beader for the past ten years, I love to share my discoveries in the fascinating world of beads with others. That's what inspired the production of the video, Beadesigns.

I am a lover of color. All Color. Bright or soft--spiritual and natural.

I stand in constant awe, having a deep respect and love for the creative and healing power of God that I see reflected everywere, including beads and the wonderful ways they are used to speak from the heart. I am thankful for the means and opportunity to have beads and beaders in my life.

Currently, I teach classes at Alaska Bead Company, a local bead store. I thoroughly enjoy the inspiration everyone gets when together in a group situation, such as classes or bead society meetings. I can't watch a slide show of beadwork without getting totally inspired and hyped up to go bead for hours.

I have a special project I'm working on- - - -Lamby- - - - -
It's a stuffed lamb that I am beading ALL over. I hope to have some pictures of Lamby on my website soon. It's quite the beader's project as you will see.

Trick Question: Is Lamby a he or she? When you see Lamby, either on this page or in person, you can tell me what you FEEL about Lamby. It can get real interesting!

Personally speaking, I am the mother of a son with a wife, a daughter with a husband, and a 17-year-old teenage girl. I have one grandson, Aaron. I just love all these kids! My husband holds a special place in my heart too. He's supportive and my worst critic at the same time. Whew! What a combination that can be! Never a dull moment!

Special Thanks

* To all the members of the Alaska Bead Society for their nurturing support and encouragement. The stimulation of the group experience has been invaluable to me and I highly recommend it to EVERYBODY!

* To Sandy, my sister-in-law extraordinaire without whose help this website would not exist. 



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