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Here are some free shapes and color combinations for you to use!

The shapes on this page are free to you. These are some of the best shapes to use when making brooches or hairpieces. The raised flower using the Loop Stitch can easily be centered on any one ot these. Just click files, then Print to get an immediate copy of them. Then trace them to index cards or light cardboard, such as notebook backing, and you can reuse the same pattern again and again. The Beadesigns video teaches you how.

Free shapes #1      Free shapes #2

These Freebies probably won't mean much to you unless you've learned to use the loop stitch to make the raised flower design, but I've included them anyway.

Color Combination #1
Here are two successful color combinations for your use. These have gotten many oooh's and aaah's.

This brooch has a double-bugle bead fringe like the Red Queen seen on the Gallery page.

Feel free to add crystal in the tips of Row 3 petals and your fringe. You can mix sizes of beads, such as 10's, 11's, and 12's to obtain the color combination you want.

Cut a hex shape Brooch out of sienna colored leather.

Flower Combination: Pearl center surrounded with gold pearls

Row 1 of petals: white with lavender tip
Row 2 of petals: gold with lavender tip
Row 3 of petals: teal with lavender tip

Border: gold with white top

Center Fringe will be: 10 white, 1 lavender, 5 gold, 5 white, 1 lavender, 3 gold, 1 teal, 1 teal bugle, 1 teal, 1 lavender, 1 white, 1 gold pearl, 1 white, 1 lavender, 1 teal, 1 teal bugle, 1 teal, then up through the beads in fringing fashion starting with the lavender bead above the bugle beads.

Decrease each consecutive fringe by two or three beads depending on how steep you want your grade to be on the bottom of the fringe.

Color Combination #2
Here's a black and white combination that's real versatile. Use either gold or silver to accent for completely different effects. Or combine gold and silver.

Any shape black suede leather brooch pattern

White Pearl Center surrounded with silver/gold pearls

Petals Row 1: white-lined clear with gold tip
Petals Row 2: Black hex bead with gold tip
Petals Row 3: Black Hex bead with white pearl, gold pearl, black 4mm crystal, gold pearl, white pearl tip.

Border: black, white-lined clear, with gold pearl on top

Fringe: Use double-black bugle bead fringe.

Center Fringe: 10 or 15 black hex beads, 3 gold, 1 white pearl, 1 gold pearl, 1 black 4mm crystal, 1 gold pearl, 1 white pearl, 3 gold beads, 1 black hex bead, 1 black bugle, 1 black hex bead, 1 white pearl, 1 gold pearl, 1 4mm black crystal (or even an Austrian drop crystal, or a drop pearl would look great), 1 gold pearl, 1 white pearl, 1 black hex bead, 1 black bugle bead, 1 black hex bead, then up through the last gold bead in straight fringing fashion.

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