[Magadan view]

People of Magadan [Rotary leaders]
Magadan is an unprepossessing city, especially at the end of the winter. It is the people that make it interesting. This page provides glimpses of just a few of them.
[rotarians] Despite its location in Asia, the city has a European feel. And nowhere is this more apparent than at a meeting of its new Rotary Club.

[young executive] A young executive sits in a high ceilinged office in the building that was once the headquarters of the Communist Youth League.

Two floors above him, a musician prepares for a practice session with his rock band.


A woman who works as an interpreter stands outside her apartment building.
[art student]
A student in an art school shows a visitor one of her drawings.

May in Magadan

Spring in Khabarovsk and
Khabarovsk Scenes.

A statue in an alcove of the
Sports Palace.

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