Boys playing
Boys play in a channel of water running through a courtyard between apartment buildings.

Khabarovsk Scenes

The City Today - And Remembering Yesterday

Construction scene
A new commercial building takes shape on one of the central avenues.

Window scrollworkStained glass windows lend a church-like atmosphere to a large department store where everything from wedding dresses to a wide selection of sweets is available.

A more traditional window treatment - this one on a log house - is visible at left.

Stained glass store window

War memorial

A memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Great Patriotic War (World War II) overlooks the Amur River. The memorial with panel after panel of names of the war dead includes an eternal flame, below right.

Eternal flame and wall Closeup of wall

Spring in Khabarovsk

May in Magadan and People of Magadan, photos from a city in Siberia.

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