May in Magadan

Russian Far East

Heroic figures look down from the facade of a theater in Magadan, a city of 150,000 in the Russian Far East.

At right, kiosks on a street near the center of the city. Magadan was the administrative center for Siberian gulags, and was a closed city until the late 1980s.

[Go-kart] A boy speeds around Lenin Square in his go-kart during a Sunday afternoon rally.

Magadan, a port city on the Sea of Okhotsk, is wintry still in mid-May.

[Window] A window today, windows from the past
An apartment kitchen window overlooks a bus stop on a day when a hint of snow is in the air.

A collection of windows and barbed wire from a labor camp is artfully displayed in the city's gulag museum.


Photos © 1995 by Larry Pearson, all rights reserved

Meet some of the People of Magadan. (There are eight pictures on this page, totalling 180K.)

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