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What is a WebRing you ask.

A WebRing is a group of sites that share a certain topic. This one is based on those adorable, lovable, personable little wiener dogs. All members who belong to Wiener Dogs WebRing have a page or site that have a Dachshund theme. These pages and sites are joined together by a CGI program that links you to the next site on the list. All you have to do is fill out a form and add a small bit of HTML to your page which, when applied, will look like this through a browser:

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The HTML fragment that will generate the Wiener Dogs WebRing will be on the page after you join and will be emailed* to you also. Cut and paste either of these. Once I visit your site to make sure the html is working, I will add you to the ring.

*If you're on AOL I'll have to send you your fragment as an attachment.

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