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Please read the information below before joining.

  • You must have a Dachshund orientated page or site.

  • Fill out this form and you will then be placed in the 'queue'. This is the holding area for sites to be added to the ring.

  • Remember your password and also make a note of the Site ID you will be given, as these will enable you to edit your site information and remove yourself from the ring.

  • Copy and paste the HTML fragment that will be on the page after you submit the join form onto your site. You will also be emailed the fragment. This fragment is unique for each member of the ring. If you belong to AOL I'll have to send you your fragment as an attachment in a seperate email. As soon as you join email me at and I'll send you your fragment.

  • It is prefered that you place the html on the page that visitors arrive at when they navigate the ring. This will make it easier for people to move from site to site around the ring. If you put the html on a link or webring page make sure the link to that page is easy to find and understand.

  • If your site uses frames please include a tag allowing visitors to be released from the frame when they leave your site.

  • After you have added the code, please email me to say that you have done so. I'll have a quick look to see if everything is working and then add you to the ring.

  • If you have any other questions or problems mail me.

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